Beyonce "Single Ladies"
all the single ladies! all the single ladies! i had to do this...
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v0202-Beyonce - Single Ladies Put a Ring on It - ФИЛЬМЫ - ЮМОР - МУЗЫКА - МУЛЬТФИЛЬМЫ - СЕРИАЛЫ
И снова танцевальное видео от темнокожей принцессы попа Beyonce, и снова оно лишено сюжета. Зато танцев здесь хоть отбавляй – 2 красотки, помимо самой Бьёнс на протяжении всего клипа «Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)» танцуют, демонстрируя отличную синхронность и удивительную пластичность, каждое их движение настолько отточено и грациозно, что забываешь обо всём на свете.

We Love The: 00s // I Am... Sasha Fierce

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Ребёнок танцует Бейонсе Beyonce Single Ladies оч круто)))

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bebe bailando single ladies de beyonce

un mocoso bailando single ladies de beyonce
2009 Grammy Awards [Song Of The Year]
Beyonce - Single Ladies (Band Cover)


Arranged by Seongkyun Jeong, Yebeen Bong, Goeun Son
Session : Seongkyun Jeong(B), Yeram Nam(K), Goeun Son(P), Heonsang Yoon(G), W(Drum Programming)
Staff : Hyemi Choi, Tae Kim
Put A Ring On It "Single Ladies" Music Video By Beyonce
Girl group BEATZ puts on a show with this Beyonce banger.


Twitter: http://www.twitter.c...
instagram : waveyaari / waveyamiu
instagram : waveyaari / waveyamiu
Glee Concert at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly on June 8th
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Cameron is 3 years old and is Beyonce's biggest fan. She even made her own outfit....LOL! She is creative like Beyonce too.

Surprise ,All the single ladies at the U.S. Open put your hands up—Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, you're welcome to join in too.

The Tonight Show host and multifaceted entertainer (presumably) heard Beyonce's "Single Ladies" sound through Arthur Ashe Stadium on Wednesday and, in good Fallon-Timberlake fashion, immediately broke out in the dance made famous by the music video.And they nailed it.

Timberlake did look a little more well-versed, but of course, he's had a bit of help from Queen B herself.

Beyonce - Single lady в исполнении Марички
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Performed at India Fest 2010 at Marion Square Charleston South Carolina. Conducted by India Association Of Greater Charleston (
Put your hands up!! Beyonce performs 'Single Ladies at the 2009 Video Music Awards. Watch the 2016 #VMA live from Madison Square Garden on Sunday, August 28th at 9/8c.

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#beyonce молча курит в сторонке) 👍💃💁
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Instrumental : Chubby Checker - The twist
Acapella : Beyonce - Single ladies
100% made by myself, no copyright infringement intended! - Beyonce single ladies lyric video. Enjoy! :)

London's Piccadilly Circus at 9am on 20th of April 2009. A flash mob of 100 girls lose their coats and dance the morning blues away to a pleased cr...

Движение - это жизнь!!сескси Леди!
Первый день ...репетиция...считываю танец Beyoncé
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla
Summer time, shopping day on Melrose Avenue for 3 single ladies with some popping skills!
Thanks for watching!

(We DO NOT own the music copyrights. This video is for entertainment and inspirational purposes only and no copyright infringement was intended. We are covered by BMI & ASCAP licensing as fitness instructors using this AWESOME TRACK!)

Tribute to one of my favorite singers after her AMAZING performance at the Super Bowl and many of my people from class 'suggesting' I do this song. If you are living under a rock & HAVEN'T seen Beyonce's video to this song, you might not realize th

Brenda e isabelly dançando a música da Beyonce
instagram : waveyaari / waveyamiu
мы репетировали где могли и как могли)
Залито специально для:[club99840026|BigBang's video]
Данс-шоу «Шанс». Beyonce – «Single ladies»
Шоу-проект «Точь-в-точь. О любви...»
Band: Beyonce
Song: Single ladies
Command: Diva
Festival: A.motion 2015
Track - Beyonce - Single Ladies

Наш танцевальный коллектив VK :

Артист: Beyoncé
Год выпуска: 2008
Режиссёр: Джэйк Нава
И опять, Кира и звезды мировой эстрады :) Пародия на клип beyonce single ladies...Будущая звезда youtube ^)

And again, Kira and the stars of world pop :) Parody of clip beyonce single ladies...a Future star of youtube ^)
Ботек Wellness, Самара
Women Style
хореограф Елена Гостева
Выступление в Butler pub летом 2015
The Swingle Singers
Concert of 23 March 2014 in Moscow International House of Music
8/23/15: Astros mascot Orbit dances to Beyonce Knowles' 'Single Ladies' prior to the game vs. the Dodgers

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Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig announced on January 19, 2000, that the 30 Major League club owners voted unanimously to centralize all of Baseball's internet operations into an independent technology company. Major League Baseball A
Disco Team
Танцы-шманцы для детей
Ahora Zelenny en "Viva la Vi", Zelenny luce espectacular y una demostración es aqui bailando Single Ladies de Beyonce
I heard a couple of Bluegrass Bands do this and i liked it so this is my attempt, i have nice legs but not as long as herself.
Поздравляем Милу в нашем новом цеху.
BEYONCE SINGS AT LAST LIVE 2 ETTA JAMES Broken Hearted Girl Halo Single Ladies Why Don't You Love Me BEYONCE TALKS TO ETTA JAMES AFTER SHE SINGS "AT LAST" TO ETTA JAMES IN CRYSTAL HD LIVE AT FASHION ROCKS CONCERT and then later Etta James Disses Beyonce For Singing At Last at Barack and Michelle Obama's First Dance.
Posted Thu Feb 5, 2009 12:42pm PST by Billy Johnson, Jr. in Hip-Hop Media Training
It's safe to assume that Beyonce's portrayal of Etta James in the retro film Cadillac Records did not impres
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All credit goes to
Dance cover Beyonce "Single Ladies" Фомина Светлана
танцы Орел
sorry for the blurry video! i had no idea there was a smudge on the camera and didn't have time to re film or else it would be another 2 weeks before i could get this up, sorry guys!

Part 1-

send me a twitter request and i will gladly accept :)

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instagram : waveyaari / waveyamiu
ПОЛУФИНАЛ конкурса Голос Sound Hall на Первом городском телеканале. 12.09.15
Песня по заданию жюри)
Санаторий "Солнечный 2", Тесь. Выступление 13\2
Beyonce - Single Ladies - M1
Kata Kozma - piano, voice, arrangement
Aubrey Logan - voice, trombone
bass - Josh Hari
drums - A...
FLASH MOB is a challenge nr. 7 in Generosity In 2011 we are researching and preparing for 2012
Ржач))) смотреть всем!!!
I will follow back :)

I haven't really seen a comparison video on YouTube that compares the Tinkerer's dance to the one seen in the music video, Single Ladies by Beyonce...
В пародии принимают участие Пол Радд (Paul Rudd), Бейонсе Ноулз (Beyonce Knowles), Джастин Тимберлэйк (Justin Timberlake), Бобби Мойнихэн (Bobby Moynihan) и Энди Сэмберг (Andy Samberg)
Без перевода, если у кого-то есть с переводом - дайте ссылку.
Harry Potter parody to Beyonce's "Single Ladies"

Professor McGonagall - Larissa Gordon
Professor Trelawney - Christy Johnson
Professor Spro...
Beyonce performs her hit songs If I Were a Boy and Single Ladies in a live concert
wow... получилось.. даже классно... как вы считаете... а думал не пойдет... →
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Everyone’s tried Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ dance routine one way or another, and now it’s time to learn it for real! Choreographer, Ezinn...

Download this cover on iTunes:
or in The Best of Pomplamoose direct from us: h...

Copy of the popular Saturday Night Live Sketch (parody of a video shoot) with Beyonce and Justin Timberlake in stockings. We translated it into German because it was a birthday present for a friend (Emanuel). It's not easy to find the original because youtube keeps deleting it.
İnstagram : Jimmy Metin
Sync by Vj Works Professional Vemixers
More info:

Hey guys! Here's how I PSE signed Single Ladies by Beyonce(:
I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Watch my cover here:

Stalk Me:
All credit goes to The Good Friends podcast, who created this video.

I uploaded it because it wasn't on Youtube.
Hip Hop class with Jasmine Meakin, Mega Jam. TRACK OF THE YEAR!! Absoultely loved everything about this song and video... and this live version of single ladies at the vma's was insane!!

Beyonce's Single Ladies dance performed by Darius Crenshaw, Grasan Kingsberry, and Brian Brooks with bonus choreography.
Beyonce practising Single Ladies with her band.

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Beyonce was pregnant. I'm pregnant. And she will be pregnant, if you put a ring on it.
32 неделя. Что будет дальше - страшно подумать)
У всех так проходит беременность?)))

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This energetic water aerobics instructor was getting down and feeling his oats as he performed all sorts of dance moves during Beyonce's "Single Ladies."

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