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Dancers : Ian Eastwood, Hugh Aparente, Trevor Takemoto, Anthony Westlake, Lex Ishimoto, Connor Gormley, Sean Lew.

Choreography by Ian Eastwood
Man... I have to be honest with you guys. I don't think I have ever been this proud & excited to ever drop a piece of work that so fully represents who I am as an artist.

This video came together in 3hrs of choreographing, 4hrs of rehearsal to teach/stage/clean my dancers, 2hrs of shooting, and 3hrs of my editing/coloring. And even though the amount of time that it takes me to work has never been less I've never felt more myself than what I feel like right now. At this moment in my life I feel the strongest and most capable I've ever felt.

I poured my heart in such a short time in so many ways on this video...and I did it on the hardest day that I've had to face in a long time. Two days ago my dog died and I had to fly home that morning to LA and go straight to rehearsal, I almost canceled not only rehearsal (where I still had to finish choreography, teach the boys, stage, & clean the choreography) but the entire shoot since we were supposed to be shooting the next day. But something in me...something insid
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Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions
Media Coverage by @VIBRVNCY
Filmed by Nick Kim & Edited by Gerald Nonato geraldnonadoez
Urban Paradise hosted by The Company
Chabot College Performing Arts Center 4.1.17

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twitter @vibrvncy
Man... I have to be honest with you guys. I don't think I have ever been this proud & excited to ever drop a piece of work that so fully represents...
Dancers: Ian Eastwood, Sean Lew, Josh Price, Connor Gormley, Hugh Aparente, Charlize Glass, Marie Spieldnner, Isaiah Baluyot.
Part 4 and the conclusion to the Puswood Collection: Tyga Edition...for now.
So I'm Sure everyone is prob pretty tired of me posting Tyga Pieces hahah so this time I tried to switch it up with a solo so you could really focus on the word play I used as well as performance quality as this is a more performance based and detailed choreo piece than the others-I would have used a group but then it would have been the same five guys...and there would basical
Choreography By: Ian Eastwood
My first Michael piece since he passed...

VERY VERY proud of this piece right here. Listened to this song for the past three weeks while i've been traveling wanting to choreograph to it but...
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Song : "4U (Acoustic)" Blackbear @iamblackbear
Intro : Trevor Wesley @trevorwesley
Director of Photography : Gerald Nonato @geraldnonadoez
Song : "4U (Acoustic)" Blackbear @iamblackbear
Intro : Trevor Wesley @trevorwesley
Director of Photography : Gerald Nonato @geraldnonadoez
Choreographed/Danced/Directed/Edited/Colored : Ian Eastwood @ian_eastwood

A Dream Coming True!! Thank you Ian ! Thank you TOUCHEE DANCE COMPANY!!

New HD video by Joram Letwory with Ian Eastwood and Kenzo Alvares. Choreography by Ian & Kenzo on 'The Zone' by The Weeknd ft. Drake.

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Choreography By: Nick DeMoura & Ian Eastwood
Class: Millennium Dance Complex

...yes tucker is wearing flip flops

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"After another year of friendship, brotherhood, hardship, traveling the world together, winning some, & losing some... we knew we had one last gift...
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Выступление IAN EASTWOOD на #worldofdance в Северной Корее
#dance #wod
In the Sound District, only the most accomplished artists are welcome. However, the occasional dreamer finds his or her way to this mecca to prove ...
Hey guys---just wanted to say thank you for tuning in again & thank you for watching this piece of mine as it is something VERY special to me...I know it may not be a current hit or anything but this video was honestly released for me to vent---this video is to clear the air of what people think about me, good or bad.---I am human...and this video is a representation of my REAL life.
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Ian Eastwood pairs his silent physicality with the poetic fury of Royce Mann’s spoken word poem, “All Lives Matter, But…”.
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In times of turmoil, we look to art to help express our deepest seeded emotions amidst uncertainty. In this two part special edition of Artist Request, our artists combine their virtuosity to share the greater message that we must all “rise up together” rather than stand apart. It is a message of unity. A message of shared strength. A sta
Хореография: Ian Eastwood
All Lives Matter, but...
So do black lives, why do two phrases that should work side by side seem to only divide
that’s all anyone is saying, black lives matter too.
That’s how many times I can’t breathe I can’t breathe I can’t breathe I can’t breathe I can’t breathe I can’t breathe I can’t breathe I can’t breathe I can’t breathe I can’t breathe Eric Gardner said I can’t breathe before he was killed by police. So I guess those three words only mean stop if you’r
For Only Ian Eastwood Lover's...!
Love you Ian..
ADULTLESSONS - THE WORLD’S FIRST DANCE MIXTAPE - Download it on datpiff: ianeastwood-adultlessons.com
ive been trying to find this for a while. I edited the audio myself and the video is not mine. Besides that enjoy the video

Brian and Ian doing both there choreographies to Wet The Bed by Chris Brown at the No Excuses Convention.

Song: Skrillex & Diplo – Where Are Ü Now (feat. Justin Bieber)
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ещё одна хореография! мой друг @.galaxy_fanfan убийственен, над этим поработал мой талантливый друг @.colinseyes! это было честью, поработать с тобой, не в последний раз! 💻 : полное видео на -Eastwood.com/news.

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“Shoutout to @ian_eastwood killing it during his #adultlessonstour with @trevortakemoto and @adewillis! Congratulations on all of your success! #WODLA16 is…”
choreography by: ian eastwood
booking: younglionsdance@yahoo.com
music: @sogallant

Gallant -...
Let's watch PENTAGON's dance master Kino dance at BRIAN PUSPOS & IAN EASTWOOD WORKSHOP_ 2014


u can follow me at twi...
Today is January 31st 2016. It has been one full year since the release of "Only One" (the first release off of Adultlessons), 1 and 1/2 months since the release of Adultlessons, and of course it's my mom's birthday.
Dancers : Ian Eastwood, Hugh Aparente, Bong Buno, Anthony Westlake, Chase Lihilihi, Sean Lew, Jordan Viscomi

Choreography by Ian Eastwood
Millennium Dance Complex Presents

Master Class With Yanis Marshall

Filmed And Edited By @MyTypoLife

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Pentagon | Cube Entertainment | Official VK
Ian Eastwood “goes off” to MIA’s latest banger!
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Using a neon playground as his canvas, Ian Eastwood paints the dance floor with his signature style with MIA’s “Go Off” as his inspiration.

Q: What is this?
A: The Dance Video is the New Music Video. ARTIST REQUEST merges music artists with industry leading choreographers and dancers to create videos that captivate the new generation of music fans. This epi
So i found myself actually pretty nervous before posting this piece...hah...and i guess its because i've never put myself out there...like...THAT. hahaha I've wanted to choreograph something for a long time that kind of pushed the "sexy" envelope and i guess i was really just waiting for the right song and I have to thank Chris Brown for going there in this song and inspiring alot of other people to choreo to it as well.

oh...yeah...and i had to get mine up before Brian does...cuz after people see his th

Выступление команды Ian Eastwood на #worldofdance
#wod #dance

Ian Eastwood, "Rik", @ian_eastwood at the Red Carpet Premiere for "High Strung" #HighStrungMovie

Mingle Media TV and Red Carpet Report host Kristyn Burtt were invited to cover the Red Carpet Premiere for High Strung, a new dance film by Michael and Janeen Best Damian with Choreography by Dave Scott (SYTYCD) at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

“High Strung" opens in theaters on April 8th

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MAN. where do i begin with this video. i guess i'll start with the idea. a couple weeks out before urban paradise i got the honor of being asked to...
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Millennium Dance Complex Presents

Master Class With Yanis Marshall

Filmed And Edited By @MyTypoLife

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Choreography By : Ian Eastwood & Trevor Takemoto Cinematography By : Trevor Takemoto Dancers : Ian Eastwood, Trevor Takemoto, Hugh Aparente, & Bong...
Couldn't be more proud to bring this video to you guys on Thanksgiving. The story behind this video is long but I'll give the condensed version. I ...
No copyright infringement intended.
I do not own the music.
happy new year! (a month and a half late). had an absolutely crazy first month of the year. and coming off of a couple fun projects me and the boys...
Song: "Half Time"

Artist: Nasri

Just wanted to thank my lil Brother Ian Eastwood for always giving me that extra push!
Ian Eastwood and Jun Quemado perform at Pride 4 Dance Competition held at Rutgers University on November 19, 2011 in New Brunswick, NJ.

Shot & edited by Josh Cayabyab

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What’s up guys,
This video is really exciting to me personally because not only is it the second official release off of my dance mixtape “Adul...
inspiration happens when you let go of the negative thoughts that block you flourishing.
I challenge @Ian_Eastwood to recreate my everyday makeup look. I’d say it was a success.
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Ian Eastwood Freestyle "Jazzin" By. Flap Jack
Dancers : Ian Eastwood, Hugh Aparente, Anthony Westlake, Sean Lew, Julian Deguzman, Connor Gormley, Jordan Viscomi
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Hey guys, hopefully you guys really enjoy this one! I had a really awesome opportunity to team up with Jamba Juice and Dance On for this fun project and was already waiting to do this phenomenal son
Bounce Factory presents:

11th/19th July in Rome - Italy

Ian Eastwood Class

1st Group: Pau - Gabriel - Brian Puspos - Alisa - Bru - Jun Quemado - Megan Batoon - Baiba - Scott Forsyth
Solo: Ian Eastwood (choreographer)

Song: "U mad" by Vic Mensa ft. Kanye West


I know I posted my last video from the same location, but I'm glad this room was all I had because it forced me to be creative. Since I had no one to dance with but myself, I thought I might as well make another concept out of it!

If you liked my video make sure you check out more videos like it or submit your own to: cantstopthefunk.com

If everyone didn't love James Brown enough already, I'm super excited that they're coming out with a film about his incredible journey so make sure you go check it out: G

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• PERFORMED WITH: Ian Eastwood & Pat Cruz
• MUSIC: "Gimmie Some More" by Busta Rhymes

• FILM PRODUCTION: http://www.310XT.com

• ABOUT THE UDC: The Urban Dance Camp is the world's leading dance intensive education. The annual international workshop event has become after many years the best summer intensive for studio-styles (choreography) as well as st
Choreography By: Ian Eastwood
New short film Aye!

Eminem has always been my favorite rapper. I think he's brilliant from his flow to his rhyme scheme to his emotion. Everything. It's all perfect to me...because he's original...and he dares to go where most people are afraid to go because they're afraid they can't say something a certain way. Eminem has been a huge inspiration to me in that way because i've never been afraid to move how I want move.

Personally...I have a mechanism in my system

Choreography by: Ian Eastwood
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• MUSIC: "Make It Nasty" by Tyga & "Human Nature" by MJ (Fingazz Rmx)
• SELECTED GROUP (L to R): Ian Eastwood, Lyle Beniga, Pat Cruz
• FILM & EDIT: 310XT Films (Germany)

★ THE UDC ★ The Urban Dance Camp is the world's leading dance intensive education. The annual international workshop event has become after many years the best summer intensive for
In the first ever dance mixtape entitled Adultlessons, Ian Eastwood brings a self choreographed, danced, written, edited, & directed visual representing the journey and growth out of adolescense into manhood.
vk.com/ian_eastwood - оф. фан-группа Ian'a Eastwood'a.
Quick feat. Ian Eastwood, Lando Wilkins, and Brian Puspos
Ian Eastwood Choreography Feat Megan Batoon Chivalry Is Dead - Trevor Wesley
Choreography By: Tony Czar & Ian Eastwood

Fair Play Dance Camp SHOWCASE

A legendary display of skills by the world’s top dancers and choreographers.

The Showcase is the turning point of Fair Play Dance Camp - the Europe's biggest dance education festival. Buzz in the air, amazing choreographies, a grand meeting of the dancer community and dance enthusiasts.
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Tori Kelly ft. Ian Eastwood | Paper Hearts | World of Dance #WODLA '14

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Видео находится в альбоме Ian Eastwood
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Видео находится в альбоме Ian Eastwood
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Видео находится в альбоме Ian Eastwood
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Ian Eastwood is a dancing dreamboat. Here are the Top 5 ways he makes your heart swoon! Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!
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There’s no denying that Ian Eastwood is the dance world’s king of cool. Part Frank Sinatra, Part Fred Astaire, Ian radiates charm and charisma while sweeping you off your feet. It got us wondering, just how does he do it? Everyone knows he’s an amazing dancer and choreographer, but it’s the subtleties that up Ian’s game a
Hey guys, so here we are again...I'm not quite sure where to begin with this video, so I'll just start... This piece was choreographed over 6 months ago and filmed 4 months ago at probably my most heightened period of sadness in my life, I won't go into any detail but I will explain that this piece was representational of a very defining point in my life where I was stuck at a difficult crossroads of giving up...or pushing on. Six months later me, my family, and some other very close people in my life are p
Workshops am 28.06.2011 mit Ian Eastwood und Paul Kepinski in der Tanzschule Dance Vision in Karlsruhe.
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original choreography by Ian Eastwood - Hit em Up by Tyga
хөгжим тааруулсан SebastianTso
Choreographed by Ian Eastwood

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Song: All Day - Kanye West

Seventeen Tv Season 4 Ep6
audition for the Solo dance performance for seventeen show 3
Hey guys, I know it's been a long time since I posted a dance video because of the progress report but now after watching this video you can hopefully understand my overall concept of trying to give you all more than just another dance video every time I release something because there's so much more to my life and things I'm trying to do than simply just put out dance videos forever. I am so glad you all have respected my new endeavors with The *Progress Report but just as happy that now I am able to relea

Ian Eastwood performing at the Gala at VIP Dance Events 2015
Hey guys, it’s definitely been awhile but I am so completely excited to be bringing a new video to you all. It has been a really crazy summer with a lot of new lifestyle changes and different types of opportunities like getting to choreograph my first film (Yay!) but something was definitely missing and I realized that it was connecting DIRECTLY with the people, because of shooting the film I wasn’t able to attend any of the summer camps I usually tour to (which I’ve been doing for over five years) and I al
The goal within this piece was clean and simple : dance. I think that every headliner feels worried and every audience member is concerned whether ...
Ian Eastwood | Clarity (cover) - Andrew Garcia & Andy Lange | AMERICAN CAMP 2013 PJD.IT | #PJD #MMPP #IANEASTWOOD #BrianPuspos #puswood
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This was my first time collaborating with Ian. We didn'...
so...for my first video of 2012...i wanted to go off...and put something out there that would have a little controversy...and this couldn't have be...
Urban Edge Dance Co. Grand ReOpening Workshop featuring Ian Eastwood Visit our website www.urbanedgedance.com for more information on our classes, ...
A raw piece from Ian with Trevor Takemoto and Connor Gormley

I don't own this but figured everyone deserves a chance to see this great piece even ...
What's up guys...first of all, wanna apologize for the delay of this video, but decided it was for the better not to drop it on a holiday...and lin...
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ian eastwood in the house...we were very lucky to learn from him n c him performing live....amazing experience for our crew....
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Ian Eastwood Choreography | Asaiah Ziv & Xavier Omar

Very Proud of this video right here. I think it represents a moment in my life where I finall...
Millennium Dance Complex Presents

Master Class With Ian Eastwood

Filmed And Edited By @MyTypoLife

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Ian and Brian at Soundbox, September 28th, 2013

Hey guys,
Thank you all already for taking the time to watch this choreo one more time even though it was featured in the official music video. Whi...
En Dance Studio
◆Video Date:2016/08/06
◆MUSIC : "Broccoli" D.R.A.M. Feat. Lil Yachty
Hey there everyone,
Just wanted to start by saying I know that it's been awhile since my last post back in January and I'm sorry for the delay but I have been going through quite a lot in my life through the past few months and I needed to make sure the next video I posted was absolutely perfect and as impactful as humanly possible.

There are so many meanings to this piece but mainly I am releasing it on my birthday as my gift to all of you who have been there for me throughout the years on youtube,helping

Hello everyone, I know it's only been five days since my last video drop, & I had no promotion for this video drop, but that was my whole point. I've had an incredible amount of time lately to learn myself in & out & one thing I've found about myself is that I LOVE giving-no matter what the return...I love giving a piece of myself to those important to me & that includes all of you as well. I didn't think too hard about anything involving this video other than doing something from my heart and meaning it. I

i'll eat you whole.

Directed by: Ian Eastwood
Cinematography: Gerald Nonato
Choreography: Cat Cogliandro
Music: Alt-j "Breezeblocks"

Ian. Thank you so much for this. I had no idea my work could look like this on film. You are one brilliant little kitty and I love you. Thank you for believing in my weird.

The biggest thanks to my company, catastrophe!, for bringing this dream to life. Thank you for your faces. your trust. handwork. passion. BELIEF in this catastrophe! I couldn't have (wouldn't have) do
Hey there everyone, hope everyone has been doing good since my last video, I just wanna start out by saying even though I'm really nervous to release this video it's only because I have never worked so hard on one video in my entire career, and when you work so hard on something & its different, you can only hope it will be received well. But hand in hand with my hard work goes how proud I am of this video because I REALLY DID work hard on this...we ended up going through 9 versions to get to this final pro

Watch part 1 here- http://youtu.be/ZsWBqfG6uqg
Hey guys! So---I know that it has been a really long time that I've been promising the drop of this video and that's been simply because of my travel schedule and the dancer's shcedules that I picked for this video-and since I choreographed this piece I KNEW I had to have this exact group of five dancing this piece. So I'm sorry I made everyone wait so long BUT
Song: Mac Miller feat. Anderson .Paak - Dang!

Dancers : Charlize Glass, Marie Spieldnner, Isaiah Baluyot, Trevor Takemoto, Bong Buno, Kiera Breaugh & Ian Eastwood.


I've honestly sat here for a really long time trying to come up with a description for this video...

but I am currently surrounded by so many peo...
he makes it look SO EASY

twitter: @i_allz
tumblr: hikikxmxri.tumblr.com
insta: @i_allz
Hey guys, first of all lemme say this is the most excited I’ve been to release a video in a pretty long time and also the most intense experience of getting this filmed that I’ve ever had with a video. I’ll spare you all the nerve wracking story details because all that matters is its done and its here for all of you to see! Choreographed this piece about 7 months ago and like I said in the last video description I’m really happy I finally have some time to complete the visions for pieces that are pretty ol
Master class when Ian Eastwood visited STL
Ian Eastwood teaching Master Class at Chapkis Dance studio
Song: Superduperhero By Kyle Feat. SuperBrick

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If you in Nor Cal , don't forget to stop by Chapkis Dance!!!
Chapkis Dance Master Class
Every Monday @ 8:30
309 Main St. Suisun City, Ca