My Favorite Friends!
“Can't explain how amazing last night was! Easily the best birthday I've had. Surrounded by friends & one of my favorite artists! 🎉❤️🎤 @jamesbaymusic”
“Throwback to V-Day with my best friends in the whole entire world. (Besides Gabe.. Gabe is my favorite sisters, sorry😏😊) @mynameissisi @chinamcclain”
“Happy birthday to one of my oldest friends & favorite people, @DollyParton! Good Golly, Miss Dolly - you look as beautiful as ever!!!”
Miyayi concert ! 🗻➡🗼🎸
My favorite song...OMG 😍
#Concert #Paris #Miyavi #Secret #Selfie #Friends #Amazing #Rock #JRock #Song #Love #Guitare”
“Good morning...Days like this are remembered forever!! With friends doing what I like best and singing along my favorite song !! Bom dia...Dias como este…”
“Celebrating my new year with one of my favorite boys , @johnny_deluca and my best friends @ashleyemanley @lauralikesthis @alyssyleigh #2014 #newengland…”
“Our new favorite song "Hold my hand " by Jess Glynne . Super positive! Driving to meet our friends with @olegbogdancom @saavagedry . Happy weekend!!! 💖…”
“My favorite song! My friend doesn't think I sing it that well 😝 Clare and Tam part 3”
“My Favorite FULL BODY exercise! SQUAT CABLE ROWS 🙌🙌 👉3 Sets of 15 per single arm reps 👉GIVE IT A TRY AND TAG A FRIEND👈 ✨ Outfit Made By: @gymfr3aks…”
“A few of my favorite at home ab workouts with my @ehplabs #beyondbcaa 💪 a special thanks to my new amazing friend all the way from Mexico for sending me…”
Вампирский закат, подпишись

One my favorite moments from The Big Day. Thank you to @annebargebride and to all my friends and family for helping to make this day so special!
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Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
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|.Отдых.| my favorite friends! - 1 episod. ZIMA 20013/ 2 - серия
|.Отдых.| my favorite friends! - 1 episod. ZIMA 20013/ 2 - серия
This video is a tribute for my favorite Flippy from Happy Tree Friends.

это все мои друзья
Я вас очень люблю!!!!))))
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
это видео посвященно моим драгоценным друзьям)
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
|.Отдых.| my favorite friends! - 1 episod. ZIMA 20013/ 1 - серия
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
My Favorite Husband is the name of an American radio program and network television series. The original radio show, co-starring Lucille Ball, was the initial basis for what evolved into the groundbreaking TV sitcom I Love Lucy. The series was based on the novels Mr. and Mrs. Cugat, the Record of a Happy Marriage (1940) and Outside Eden (1945) written by Isabel Scott Rorick, which had previously been adapted into the Paramount Pictures feature film Are Husbands Necessary? (1942), co-starring Ray Milland and
Спасибо, что вы у меня есть!!!
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я сторалсо >.< Каму не нравицо музыка я не виноват >_>
ЗЫ Мои любимые друзья гыгыы ^_________^
Надписи немого не понятны т.к у меня вебка зеркальная я с другой стороны кажусь вот и писала я с другой стороны.)У меня на самом деле не такой корявый почерк:*)
Some voice for help!!!
As if it is suppressed in your heart,
As if You'd have said something through your eyes,
The whole life passed by as if being awake,
A little life is left, yet breathing seems to have stopped,
Each of our meeting makes me feel as if,
Your eyes are asking me a question as if,
Walking down the road usually, I feel as if,
Those eyes of yours are silently watching me as if,
Travel of centuries has suddenly become this little moment,
As if the life travelled too fast, very fast
I keep on t
made by [*RS*] Czech
здесь только Хен,Рина,Юки и Ленка.......потом будет больше всех остальных....просто фоток на смарте мало было((
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Самый лучший микс в контакте...)))))
Это видео было создано приложением Picrolla
Это видео было создано приложением Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Update for 2016 coming soon
50K+ views as of March 2013
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5. Splendid 0:00
4. Nutty 2:02
3 Hour Long Happy Tree Friends AMV (Part 28) ( 5:39 )
Happy Tree Friends AMV: Cinema (Skrillex Remix) ( 6:22 )
3. Handy 7:06
3 Hour Long Happy Tree Friends Dubstep AMV (Part 23)
The third single to be taken from Coldplay's acclaimed new album, A Head Full Of Dreams (out now). Download the song from or stream at

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Parlophone Records presents…

Coldplay ‘Up&Up’

Directed by: V
This song and music video ("My Favorite Class") 我最喜欢的课 was created by Groovi Pauli & Friends for Chinese classes that cover the topic of what classes students have in grades 1-5. Recorded and edited in Singapore. All Rights Reserved. Lyrics are below. Enjoy!

我有中文课。(wǒ yǒu zhōng wén kè) I have Chinese class.
我有英文课 (wǒ yǒu yīng wén kè) I have English class.
我有数学课。(wǒ yǒu shù xué kè) I have math class.
我有体育课。(wǒ yǒu tǐ yù kè) I have Physical Education class.
我有电脑课。(wǒ yǒu diàn nǎo kè) I have technology class
short friendship quotes | Quotes about Friendship | My Favorite Best Friend Quotes

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Рассказываю любимую сказку с подругой Ариной // I tell my favorite fairy tale with my friend Arina

Сегодня ко мне в гости пришла подружка Арина и мы по очереди рассказываем свои любимые сказки "Теремок" и "Три медведя". А твои какие любимые сказки? Пиши в комментариях!

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One of my favorites from @cheri_swim
McCoy Tyner - My Favorite Things [Echoes of a Friend] 1972

"McCoy Tyner is one of the most important pianists in jazz history. His 40+ year care...
Stars Dance on holiday Jingle Bell. Selena Marie Gomez dance and sing music 'Good For You' and 'Same Old Love'. Selena Gomez: Love you very much my favorite friends! Reall Selena Gomez, page
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|.Отдых.| my favorite friends! - 1 episod. ZIMA 20013/ 4 - серия
самые любимые мои:*
ближе вас,у меня нет:*
надеюсь,что вы всегда будете рядом:*
p.s. это ещё не все:)
"My Favorite Things"
"Round Midnight"
(Полтарев Джаз - 2002 - TVT)

just to prove my little one legged seagull is he is for all of you to see..he is special!!!!))
David Hodek - drums.
Casey Benjamin - sax. voc.
Nagy Laci "Gitano" gtr.,
Tomaš Gajlik - key.
Heilig Tamás - bass

My favorite friends!!!
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