Because my sister
“Bonus video of what me and my sister @sakuragaaki think is @donstagram89 because we can't really see their tattoo so we can't really tell LOL! But we…”
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love their relationship :)

voiceovers: (sorry they're kinda hard to hear..)
rosie: you know, i don't like it when you say you pray for me.
sophie: well i am
rosie: well i don't want you to pray for me.
sophie: but i am and i always will.
rosie: why? is that 'casue you think i'm a bad person?
sophie: no, it's 'cause you're my sister.

rosie: do you know what you have that they haven't? a big sister that's on your side.

rosie: i wish i was the type of sister you could talk too.
sophie: well you are. now.

sophie: thanks.
rosie: what for?
sophie: i don't know. being my sister.

fandom: rose/sophie webster (corrie)
song: pieces - red
program:sony vegas 8.0