Captain Canary
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Mild spoilers for episode 15. Given the events of season 1 episode 15, I thought this song fit them nicely.

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Couple: Captain Canary
Song: Make You Miss Me
Artist: Sam Hunt
Edited by: Heidi19
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•Song: "Demons" by Imagine Dragons, sung by Boyce Avenue ft. Jennel Garcia
•I was gonna wait to make a Captain Canary video, but I couldn't so... 😂
•But no really they are perf!
•They're gonna be a couple, I can feel it
•This song, tho 😍👌
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but the people you expected it last, could bring out the best of you
music: philip brooks - run (

я не большой профессионал в создании фан-роликов, да и программа у меня самая простая, но надеюсь вам все же понравится...я старалась :-)

песня Rihanna ''Desperado''
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►Character(s): Sara Lance & Leo Snart
►Potrayed by: Caity Lotz & Wentworth Miller
►Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow

"Started to wonder what the future might hold for me and you and me and you"

I can't believe they killed him he was the BEST, I'm sure he's not gone for good I read somewhere that he will appear in the shows again

Ship:Captain Canary
Coloring: MissTonight (and changes)

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Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.

I do not own Legends of Tomorrow, any of the characters, or the song 'Losing your memory'.

I love this ship so much, and that last episode killed me. This is my first video so I hope you enjoy it!

Song -' Losing your Memory' by Ryan Star
Pairing - Leonard Snart (Captain Cold)/Sara Lance (The White Canary)
The stunning actress drops details on her character's love story and whether the romance will continue in the hit CW show.


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It's only been three episodes of Legends of tomorrow and I'm already soo in love with the show! I ship Sara and Snart a lot! I think that they are perfect together. ❤ Couldn't help myself, I had to make the video. ❤

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''...thinking about her, she's gone all the time..''

Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Characters: Sara Lance, Leonard Snart
Coloring: eleineg
Wattpad: 1)

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This has more Sara footage than Leonard footage, but there's also some Captain Canary scenes that I liked so it's a Captain Canary video. Enjoy!

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Show: Legends of Tomorrow
Couple: Leonard and Sara (Captain Canary)
Song: Here Comes Trouble
Artist: Honor Society
Crisis on Earth- X coming in 3 days and Wentworth's return..The hype is 1000 % real!!

-watch in H.D.-
Song: Everything's Black by Unlike Pluto ft...

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[contains spoilers for all episodes of season 1] i had been co...
Сцена, разбившая кучу сердец
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- Я думал о тебе и обо мне.
- Планируешь украсть поцелуй, Холод?
- Я чертовски хороший вор.
Ну очень жёсткий кэпкан
Season one video used (1 - 15 episodes)
The video was requested by MidnightHawk52 (i hope you like the video!!) and I was very satisfied with the way it turned out cause i think "Just a D...

Happy national superheroes day everyone!! Captain Cold and White Canary are heroes on the making,the one an anti hero and the other an assassin ,bu...

This video is inspired by AerisVideos'

Ship: Captain Canary [ I just love them too much and I ADORE W...

Show: DC's Legends of Tomorrow / Arrowverse
Ship: Captain Canary / Sara Lance & Leonnard Snart
Music: Papa Roach - No Matter What

I need you right...

"Everything I am and everything in me wants to be the one you wanted me to be..."
Okay, my feelings are officially in stand by mode til second season of Legends of Tomorrow begins! I don't need to say anything touchy, we all know what happened and we're all heartbroken. There's still hope inside of me, and Captain Canary isn't lost! Anyways, Wentworth and Caity did an amazing job with their characters. Love them forever! ❤

▶ Character/s: Leonart Snart & Sara Lance
▶ Actor/s: Wentworth Miller & Caity Lotz