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DAVID HORNE & REUBEN HUGHES - 'GOLIATH' BRACED BAR BEND cut to 40" long (12mm x 40mm x 40” steel bar) 7 July 2018 - Llanfairfechan, Wales.
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Models by Peridot-desu
Chica by Prince Peri
Motion by Kirathekira
Thanks :3
informations are below!
hd + small screen :)

I can’t even say how much I ship those two at the moment and I hope that Sansa an...

Группа ВК -https://vk.com/club127969417

Ayano Aishi (Yandere-Chan): https://brokenrose06.deviantart.com/art/MMDxYS-TDA-Ayano-Aishi-dl-710...
Ничего чересчур необычного. Всего лишь небольшой тест рендера в качестве 4К.




○ Original Song:

Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for «fair use» for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, sc...
So many comebacks in Septemberr


Purchase from our clothi...

Мы готовы презентовать "Shadows light video"

Снимали эту миниатюру в трех локациях. Ну конечно @korona_gastrobar (Корона гастробар) и еще какое-то место. Хотелось немного фешена)) и немного геометрии. В общем - нам нравятся кадры по построению.

Участники.... Нет! Друзья, коллеги и братья!!

makeup @id105584369 (Олеся Баимова)
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md ОН instagram.com/lexbrazzers (Алексей Коннов)
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Видеографы @ahmadeevs (Салават Ахмадеев) | @strlook (Айрат Шакирьянов)

Приятного просмотра.
( исходников на 5 минут было...))))
You ♥ Корею? ♥ Тогда тебе сюда ♥
For list of recorded performances in order, see more below
Artist: Monsta X
Concert: The Connect World Tour
Venue: Eventim Apollo, London
Song: ...
▷ 720p viewing
▷ program - Sony Vegas Pro 9.0
▷ song - see end of the video
▷ crossover pairing: Jung So-min and Kim Woo-bin

- A pretty co...
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Биткоин. Заработать на криптовалюте может каждый https://goo.gl/wtSb4E
A few days ago, we bought you Lovandre's fresh new 2018 mashup of 2 classic R&B anthems, "And I" by Ciara and "Nice & Slow" by Usher, which quite r...
Music : 라비 (빅스) [RAVI (VIXX)] – ALCOHOL
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Фансаб-группа | Korean Hip-Hop | 16+

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Мило бегущий Вонхо и заботливый Чангюн-макнэ... Я люблю их очень сильно. ^*^
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Вот первое видео на этом канале
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Видео предоставлено группой: Monsta X | KIHYUN | КИХЁН (https://vk.com/kihyun)
Видео представлено группой IM ♔ MONSTA X ♔ STARSHIP ENT. (https://vk.com/im_monsta_x)
cr: SoompiTV
I am so sorry for 0:25 after 5 hours render i didn't want to render this again :( I hope that you understand "this will be a cold blooded murde...

(Best watched with headphones)

I only own the edit.
him and i II jin x jisoo

i've made this private for a long time and this is kind of an apology for not uploading a yoongi edit. i didnt have time...
MONSTA X (몬스타엑스) @ AFAS Live, Amsterdam

“I am going mad because of you.”

Show: at the end of the video, KOREAN DRAMA 2016
Spoiler: Episode 8 and 9
Couple: Kyle and ...
"They don't wanna see us make it, they just wanna divide"

[HD + earphone]

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....

I don't own anything exept editting

•Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of ...
Видео представлено группой IM ♔ MONSTA X ♔ STARSHIP ENT. (https://vk.com/im_monsta_x)
cr: Soompi
Видео представлено группой IM ♔ MONSTA X ♔ STARSHIP ENT. (https://vk.com/im_monsta_x)
cr: Soompi
Sam Bailey joins forces with our very own Nicole Scherzinger to sing this amazing Dreamgirls track, sung by both Jennifer Holliday and Jennifer Hud...
HD and earphones please!

Don't get me wrong, i ship malec like hell, but these two just killed me okay.
(That means there's a malec video coming v...
Después de varios días aquí les trago la serie Be Here For You completa, espero que les guste y me disculpo por la demora.
Se le agradece a las ...

Если я буду истекать кровью, я умру,
Зная, что тебе всё равно.
Я сплю только для того, чтобы видеть тебя во сне.
Если я просыпаюсь, а тебя нет рядом, я знаю,
Что чего-то не хватает...

Хотя я и буду жертвой,
Ты не станешь искать меня, не сейчас.
Я бы жизнь отдала, чтобы узнать, что ты любишь меня,
Но я одна.
Чего-то не хватает!
Неужели кое-кто по мне не скучает?
Disclaimer: this video turned out quite emo and very gay.

Song: Pvris - You and I
Видео представлено группой IM ♔ MONSTA X ♔ STARSHIP ENT. (https://vk.com/im_monsta_x)
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Fandom: Harr...
Kendyle Paige stakes her claim to challenge one of the FOUR. She takes on the shows sweetheart in Zhavia ... Does she deserve it?
Silent X Y.O.G.I - Me And My Heatah (Official Music Video) ll Dir.by @Truvisionzfilms
Prod. By Snack Beatz
Album Available now on all digital store...
я знаю что вам целый ГОД!
это так круто,и так мило. хочу чтобы вы и дальше,так же общались.

кстати тут в конце хэппи энд! не перепутайте.


Warning: DON'T WATCH IF YOU DON'T LIKE BOY X BOY!!! Honestly, I really want to know why people that don't like this stuff come watch the video even...
Iron man and i phone X @coub https://coub.com/view/12zcb6
What do Wolverine, Mr. Spock and Gandalf have in common? Their creators were all children of the Cold War during which arts and culture underwent a...
Cervantes' Don Quixote (SPAN 300)

Overview: Why does the Quixote have such common currency today? González Echevarría believes that the Quixot...

Коллекция видеозаписей группы http://vk.com/literary_criticism
This is Loki and Skye´s story , well...she was adopted for Frigga when she came down to Earth, Odin wasn´t happy with that because Skye is a midg...
The X Factor USA 2012 CeCe Frey performs I'm sexy and I know it in the judges home (Demi Lovato) Boot Camp
Sam Feldt X Lush Simon feat. INNA - Fade Away (Official Lyric Video) ♫ And I-I-I might get enough one day But I-I-I won't let this feeling fade away
источник: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3ZF4v_-an0
Visit GAGA MUSIK, the new Brazilian Lady Gaga fan site!
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Привет, мы караоке-команда Black BSG! Наша работа - доставлять радость фанатам "корейщины" своими караоке - переводами. Да, теперь ты можешь спеть песню, которую видел только что! Если тебе понравилось это видео и ты любишь K-pop, то не стесняйся - заходи! Тебе у нас понравится)
Album: When The Rain Begins To Fall
Dropping May 2017 on GUESS.COM + in GUESS stores

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Creative Direction: A$AP RO...

Абонирай се за профила на The X Factor Bulgaria: http://bit.ly/1tKckFa
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окк, прогресс с люминусом
Scion AV presents the official music video for Kembe X “As I Unfold” featuring The Village 777 representative Ab-Soul and Alex Wiley. The track...
Mulder and Scully video emotional
i do not own the video content or music content
Sitting this close with I.M and Minhyuk at KCon Abu Dhabi (160325).

They cheerfully watched the whole performance of the other members from the au...

MASHUP of 'Dramarama' by MONSTA X & 'You and I' by DREAMCATCHER.

Other tracks:
Here we go again
Yuju x Jimin him and I
Let me know what you think down below
thanks for every single like love u all.
「All I need is a little love in my life...」


Aquí tienes mi parte,espero que te guste

MONSTA X (몬스타엑스) @ AFAS Live, Amsterdam

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► Danh sách bài h...

Some clips from back when I used to do commentary at X Games and sneak into practice sessions in between events. 📹: Aaron Brown
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It’s our first all-electric drag race and we’ve crossed the A...
Edit (18.09.17): Oh this? This confusing, not so sad story but in fact an very cringy comic? Oh yeah, it's abandoned. Very abandoned to the point I...
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Hey guys!!

I had this one ready for like a week but again sony vegas problems... Everytime I have a big vid there are some flickers here and ther...
This is a FUNNY COLLECTIONS OF I.M. Some are new and some are old but I hope you'll enjoy this video. I made this video for his Birthday (He's my b...
- KPOP concert convention KCON 2018 LA
- Dreamcatcher - INTRO + YOU AND I

▶Watch more videos of KCON 2018:

Hey, guys! So, do you remember that one time when I uploaded a shorter version of this? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCfYkJYDrTo) Well, I decide...
Prod. By TR Da Producer & #3
Listen to Rico Recklezz & I.L Will's 'Flattz And Gunz' using My Mixtapez app https://mxtpz.me/a/102924
Hello guys, hope you like and subscribed my video and we wish you have a great Christmas with your family and friends, don't forget be creative lik...

First of all, I do not want wars for ships, I'm a fan of Nygmobblepot, but I like this toxic relationship that they are creating, using each other ...
neonblue(niahn x BLOO) - You and I

BLOO와 niahn이 소속된 프로젝트 그룹 neonblue의 EP 앨범 [Henny and Jamie]가 발매 및 타이틀곡 "You and I" 뮤직비디오가 공개되었습니다.

▶멜론 - https:...
Excuse the shitty quality, sloppy cuts and all that, I was just trying to get this out as soon as possible, but maybe I'll make a better one soon.

2019 Audi e-Tron (interior, exterior, charging and test drive) – Electric SUV / Tesla Model X and Jaguar i-Pace Competitor

Audi just announced its...
2018 Toyota Aygo x-clusiv 1.0 VVT-i 5MT car seen from outside and inside. The vehicle has 3-cylinders in line, DOHC 12-valve, with VVT-i, 998 ccm, ...
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Russell Westbrook Mix- "Me, Myself, And I" G-Easy x Baby Rexha *Clean*

Song: "Me, Myself, And I" By: G-Easy x Baby Rexha (Clean)
Warning: boy x boy, if don't like, don't watch it, please Music: I'd Come for You - Nickelback Wang Yoo (later King Choong Hye of Goryeo) x Ta Hwan...
Cowboy boot making. Patterns, part 2.
Marking points S, CP, J, I and X on the mean forme.

This is part 2 of the "Cowboy Boot Pattern Making" seri...

Nothing belongs to me.
Winx belongs to Rainbow.
The Pussycat Dolls - I Hate This Part
// BEWARE OF MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE GAME (seriously, there are some massive spoilers since the first second of the video).

// tumblr link: http://...
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