"Flash Dance"
FLASH ROYAL | cover dance team (@flashroyal_cdt) on Instagram: “Новый кавер на прекрасную песню Yuri - Into You
FLASH ROYAL | cover dance team (@flashroyal_cdt) on Instagram: “Немного танцулек с репетиций 💃 . . . . #jennie (@jennierubyja...
Serebro - Flash Dance (Official Video) @coub https://coub.com/view/1p9qt7
FLASH ROYAL | cover dance team (@flashroyal_cdt) on Instagram: “Новое видео у нас на канале ^^ PRODUCE 48 - 'Rumor' . . . Сс...
FLASH ROYAL | cover dance team (@flashroyal_cdt) on Instagram: “Почти все у нас приехали и мы готовим кое-что интересное. А п...
FLASH ROYAL | cover dance team (@flashroyal_cdt) on Instagram: “(G)I-DLE - LATATA dance cover in our youtube channel😎 We had...
All Stars Dance Centre
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Танец группы Zumba после обеда
Красногорск, стадион "Зоркий", 02. 09. 2018. Видео - Бирюкова О.
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Kpop Cover Dance Festival 2018 flash mob 서울신문사 앞
June 22, 2018, Seoul, Korea

- Final round
Seoul Squre 서울 광장, 6 pm - 9 pm, June 23, 2018

- 주최 : ...
For those looking to learn to swing dance in Denver, check out our upcoming classes and events: https://www.facebook.com/DenverSwingDance/

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SUGAR FEST Dance Championship
04 ноября 2018, Москва

Tribal Dance Studio "AnimA"
13 October 2018

Minsk, Belarus

Флэшмоб Выпускной школы - Оригинальный флешмоб танец выпускников Чашники scool cool flash mob dance !
vk.com/MikolaArt - Талантливые и креатив...

London's Piccadilly Circus at 9am on 20th of April 2009. A flash mob of 100 girls lose their coats and dance the morning blues away to a pleased cr...
Танцуем флешмоб на песню Гавана де примера на вечеринке Фиеста 8 сентября!
SUGAR FEST Dance Championship
10 марта 2019, Москва

SUGAR FEST Dance Championship
04 ноября 2018, Москва

Hello everybody, We are Sweet Flashes!
It's Sweet Flashes with our new short cover! TWICE (트와이스) - Dance The Night Away

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my first funny video (i believe it...)

im in the striped top & black skirt !!!
i still can’t get over the fact that i danced with my gg ults T^T this turned out better than the one in wa...

Putting together a successful 'flash mob' dance takes coordination, skill, practice, and months of prep. This one took place at Skylar & Daniel's w...

SUGAR FEST Dance Championship
04 ноября 2018, Москва

Katya Flash
Music:Britney Spears-Breathe On Me
i do not own the copyrights for t...
Purchase, download & stream "Artificial Selection" here: RiseRecords.lnk.to/ArtificialSelection

I got a sudden itch. They’re gonna raise my rent. ...

Supergirl and The Flash 'Dance-Off' Between Takes!

Melisaa Benoist and Grant Gustin were spotted goofing around off camera as they shot the Elsew...
U96 - Queen Dance Traxx I - Flash's Theme

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Я, ты, он, она
02.06.2012 День Эколога 2012 Серебряный Бор (пляж №2)
Date: 27-10-2018
Venue: Causeway Bay & Central HONG KONG
Big Dance and students from the University of East London perform outside Buckingham Palace ahead of a reception to celebrate Young People in the P...
Танцевальный центр LEVEL UP г.Казань
ул.Маяковскго 12

Хореограф Анастасия Фаттахова

MarcelDeVan - It's Magic - The Album will be available world wide on 28.02.2014 !

Composed, Arranged, Vocoder, Effects by Marcel De Van
Sound dire...
SUGAR FEST Dance Championship
04 ноября 2018, Москва

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive choreography by Yeva Shiyanova
Next Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j957OTOas8A
Dance Studio Focus - Танцевальн...

In March 2014, EF took 200 Canadian students to London for the inaugural We Day UK. After several days of inspiration, action planning and volunte...
Добираем танцоров (девушки и юноши) в состав балета ( база в Китай / Шанхай ).
Начало июль/август 2018. Контракт на 6-8 мес. Рабочие документы ( срок оформления полтора месяца ).
минимальная ставка за 20 рабочих дней в месяце...
принцип работы смотрим на
FB :Sergiy Pushkin
INSTA : sergiy_pushkin
WECHAT: isp_shan

Подробно об условиях в ответ на ваше резюме pushkinnn@mail.ru.
Hip-hop choreography by Santi108
Music: Grandmaster Flash Feat. Busta Rhymes - Bounce Back
SUPER ITALIA Vol. 11 - Mix Flash Back - Future Sounds Of Italo Dance. Inscreva-se ➜ https://goo.gl/AYff5h. As melhores músicas estão aqui. Euro, Í...
Surprise Flash Mob Wedding Dance | Флешмоб невест «Сбежавшие от серых будней»
Топ ВИРУСНЫХ Видео Ютуба 2018! САМЫЕ ПОПУЛЯРНЫХ ВИДЕО на YouTube #2

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#Surprise #SerbaTV#Wedding #флешмоб #Dance #flashmob

Severodvinsk is a city in the north of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia, located in the delta of the Northern Dvina River, 35 kilometers (22 mi) west of Arkhangelsk, the administrative center of the oblast. As of the 2010 Census, the population was 192,353.

Северодви́нск — город (с 1938 г
This is our 2015 Flash Mob - It 's been 3 years this event became a tradition ....Thank you for all our students for participating with such joy an...
I LOVE DANCE helped Allen to prepare his surprise wedding proposal. This project was so much fun!

Congratulations Yuanyuan and Allen! We wish you...
Hello everybody, We are Sweet Flashes!
It's Sweet Flashes with our new dance cover! CLC (씨엘씨) - Black Dress

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This is my drum cover of "FLASH" by
Dance Gavin Dance, and I hope you all enjoy it!
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Sihyeon - REAL (IG: @realnzzza)
Sae - Katyan (IG: kate_makarova)
Sian -...
This minion toy is really fantastic because it dances when you switch it on!
FLASH PEOPLE ✪ RDF18 ✪ Project818 Russian Dance Festival ✪ JUNIORS BEGINNERS

project818.com | vk.com/project818 | instagram.com/project818
Ruth Connell invites you to "Flash Mob Dance" on the Giving Back Tour!
The Super Zeros take to the streets of Manhattan and trolls some unsuspecting victims along the way in the very first ORIGINAL Mortal Kombat Flash ...
Some footage that didn't make the cut + Kung Lao and his duct tape hat hahah
Конкурс искусств. Проект "Город А". Красногорск, стадион "Зоркий", 02.09.2018. Видео - Бирюкова О.
Приятно видеть, что и в Канаде и в Британии греки танцуют свои собственные традиционные танцы.
Disco Dance Best of the 80s Legends - Flash Backs 80s Disco Music - Italo Disco Best Old Songs

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► Boiler Room is celebrating the hard and fast fringes of club culture with Hard Dance, a series of mixes, docs, editorial and shows. FIND OUT MORE...
Hello everybody, We are Sweet Flashes!
It's Sweet Flashes with our new dance cover! Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) - Chase Me

Thank u for watching, don't fo...
Enquanto como outros tocam moda a gente toca História...

Дорогие наши выпускники! Чтобы сделать праздник еще ярче и интереснее, лучшие танцоры Уфы придумали новую фишку для Весеннего Бала - FLASH-DANCE(та...
90's EuroDisco Flash Backs - Best Disco Dance Songs Nonstop 90s Greatest Hits - Disco Hits Mix

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SUGAR FEST Dance Championship
10 марта 2019, Москва

Фолклорен танцов клуб "Тракия" и Танцов клуб "Танцувай с нас" - Лондон създадоха за първи път в Лондон тази традиция през 2015г. Традиция, която пр...
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SUGAR FEST Dance Championship
10 марта 2019, Москва

Greek Zorba Flash Mob
Location: Broadmead, Bristol City Centre, UK
Date: 16th Mar 2014

The participants were both from Cyprus and Greece. They wer...
Whilst the idea of a flash mob isn't a new thing, a Dabke / Hip-Hop flash mob in Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport (Beirut Duty Free) at a ...
Лучшее танцевальное шоу Арены "Мытищи"
5-открытый чемпионат по современным танцевальным направлениям Victory Cup 2019.
13-14 апреля 2019.
Dj Rusel Flash Dance
Dance training : Ari
Recording & Editing & Costumes : Ari

+82 10-2427-4577
Easy control👇🏻

Our group 👉🏻https://vk.com/iGRYX
~*PyonDance*~ Dream High (flash mob dance version)

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Michigo/325668781265
Tumblr: http://michigopyon...
This is our first attempt at a dundun dance flash mob! Federation square, Melbourne CBD.
Thanks to all the students who participated in this. Next ...
AMAZING Flash Mob! Girls dancing in the square in winter. Winter holiday in the north of Russia
Felt boots holidays 10.02.2019
Severodvinsk is a c...
The cast of the big bang theory perform a flash mob on the song Larger Than Life...

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JHKTV] sin chonk pop dance 영동군 플랩시몰 I LUV IT (PSY)
https://www.facebook.com/jhktv15 shooting .edit.jae hong kwon(촬영 편집 권제홍)

☺História da Danceteria Kripton - Inaugurada em 25 de julho de 1991, com 1,7 mil metros quadrados, tinha uma decoração sofisticada, pista de 100 m2...

Quem não se lembra desta década marcante e que certamente é inesquecivel para muita gente. Logo abaixo tem o link para vc's fazerem o DOWNLOAD MEGA...

0:03 - Wide View of Flash Mob
3:43 - Close Up View of Flash Mob
8:56 - Behind The Scenes

Make sure to...

MEGA MIX Dance, Flash Back, anos 70 e 80 VJ STAR 2018
Hello everybody, We are Sweet Flashes!
It's Sweet Flashes with our new dance cover! Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) - Chase Me

Thank u for watching, don't fo...
Играю на целлофане музыкальные народные песни в стиле ПУК-DANCE и ПУКИ-ПУКИ. "Смуглянка", "Калинка-малинка", "Прощание славянки". Подписывайся, ком...
May contain spoilers from the end of season one. This is favorite pairing at the moment. About time I made a BirdFlash Amv. Maybe the next one will...
Отчетный концерт студии «Самая...» 2019
Видеооператор Егошин Алексей