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244 Likes, 84 Comments - Adobe After Effects CC 2018 (@okaycatradora) on Instagram: “I'd literally sell my kneecaps to noelle just to see her happy...
Vengeance will be mine @coub https://coub.com/view/1c7po9
Лайфхак как занять ребёнка 🤣
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22 Likes, 1 Comments - Legacies 🔱 |1k (@landanaudio) on Instagram: “Jeremiah valeska Ac:@gallaudios Cc:mine Dt:tagged . . . . . #gotham #gothamedi...
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'Take Yours, I'll Take Mine' is taken from Matthew Mole's No.1 selling iTunes album 'The Home We Built' https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/the-home-...
[HD] Infinite - Naekkeo Haja (2011) Live Stage Mix~~!!
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여고생(High School)- Baby youre mine "J" Teaser Video

---VLive: https://channels.vlive.tv/D934BF
---RICHWORLD Youtube: http://bit.ly/2VpZrkk
---High ...
---VLive: https://channels.vlive.tv/D934BF
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Timelapse GIF from 5 years ago of a Survival project of mine called 'The Pit' (made on a now discontinued server)

Who's Killing Who? A Viewer's Guide
Because you can't tell the players without a pogrom!
Early Man
This generic "cave man" represents the first hum...
Reference and original, including an explanation about each character in this video: http://blog.ninapaley.com/2012/10/01/this-land-is-mine/

It te...
Быстро о том, как долго рисую. Была только идейка, а образ постепенно "вырисовался" в процессе. И все равно не оч((
Dale Hansen and Michael Sam restore your faith in humanity.

Check out the original video here:

World Of Tanks Blitz. Kuro Mori Mine. Воин и 4 труппа.
Benone Sinulescu & Millenium - De La Mine La Ploiesti
Details on the link https://fangameservice.com/tag/this-war-of-mine/
St. Petersburg 2019
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Music: Bazzi - Mine


Not the best BCD, decent enough tune though.

Released 2005
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Не могу ничего с собой поделать, засел у меня где-то глубоко этот персонаж и не хочет отпускать. Видимо, в свое время, пересматривал бесчисленное к...
This video is not suitable for viewers under the age of 18. It contains nudity and potentially shocking images.
Click CC button for the English tra...
Анимированные живые видео обои "Mining Station" для установки в программу Wallpaper Engine на рабочий стол.
Категория: Живые обои фэнтези
Источник: VSThemes.ru
Скачать: https://vsthemes.ru/wallpapers/fantasy/5742-mining-station-4k.html
Producer: Kirill Gubiy
Director of Photography, Editing, Color Grading: Ilya Samokhvalov
Sound Producer: Victor Chudnenko

Camera 1: Ilya Samokhval...
„90 Grad“ ist die zweite Single aus Mines Album "Klebstoff", das am 12.04.2019 erscheint. Hier reinhören, Album vorbestellen & Tour Tickets kaufen:...

I don't know wtf i just have done, sorry x) Hope you like it tho
HD and Headphones are your senpai 🐥🐇
i almost worked on this all night

Song by DAGames


2006 Евгений Дятлов Оф.сайт Е. Дятлова http://eugenyi-dyatlov.narod.ru/
БОЖЕЕЕЕ!! Не прошло и года !!! Я наконец-то могу перезалить это видео!!! ААААААААААААА *танцует в углу* Теперь Ютуб не удаляет аудио-дорожку (и над...
You can listen to the audio on my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/user-815816768/jamie-and-clarie-i-am-your-master-and-you-are-mine-2 .....I had ...
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David Guetta ft JD Davis- The World is Mine
From the album GUETTA ...
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VAV(브이에이브이)_She’s Mine MV (Performance Ver.)

VAV 4th Digital Single Album [She's Mine]
Released Online!

iTunes : http://goo.gl/cTGeuo

MelOn ...
„Klebstoff ist die erste Single aus Mines gleichnamigem Album "Klebstoff", das am 12.04.2019 erscheint. Hier reinhören, Album vorbestellen & Tour T...
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Face B du 45T : "Hi ! Hi ! Hi!" de la chanteuse allemande Sandra, paru en 1986 : "You'll be mine"....
I can't seem to make you mine
I can't seem to make you mine
You fly around like a bee
Hurtin' everything you see
I try everything ...
The Seeds Hit Cover by The Ramones were an American rock band that formed in the New York City neighborhood of Forest Hills, Queens, in 1974. They ...
original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw5cGPLHEZs
inspirado: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyMTTGQJ9Gs


This timelapse documents the arrival of the first commercially available PR 776 Mining Dozer into the Port of Melbourne; follows its journey to the...
Raving George feat. Oscar And The Wolf - You're Mine is OUT NOW! Grab your copy on Beatport HERE: http://btprt.dj/1WGhEGj

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The team is preparing for DARPA’s subterranean challenge in a Pennsylvania coal mine.

Read more here: https://tcrn.ch/2CWeXO7

TechCrunch is a lea...

Дрон и подземный робот начали работать в паре, чтобы повысить свою эффективность.
Если робот не может проехать дальше по подземному туннелю, дрон помогает ему.
Новое изобретение представили ученые из Университета Карнеги — Меллон и Университета штата Орегон. Система состоит из четырехколесного робота, гексакоптера и базовой станции. Робот движется по туннелю и сканирует пространство с помощью лидара и камер. Получившуюся карту он пересылает на базовую станцию, но все его системы позиционирования работают автономно. Для связи со станцией робот выпускает ретрансляторы Wi-Fi.
Если на пути робота попадается непреодолимое препятствие, то на помощь к нему вылетает дрон. У него тоже есть камеры и лидар. Пока гексакоптер работает отдельно, но в будущем ученые планируют сделать так, чтобы робот возил дрон на себе и
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http://KEXP.ORG presents Angel Olsen performing "Never Be Mine" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded February 18, 2017.

Host: Morgan
Audio Engineer: ...
The Crow Music

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The guitars were recorded with a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and a Marshall head. The...
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Hey there :D

here is our first CMV and ofc it had to be Soukoku from Bungou Stray Dogs. We hope you guys like and enjoy it c;

Pls tell us in...
Holy shite
this is a PMV sketch commission that took me quite while but here it is!
You are probably wondering why I haven't been so active on YT...
Подземелье мертвых /Dead mine/ Фильм ужасов в HD

Сын богатых родителей, прихватив свою подружку, решает отправиться глубоко в джунгли Индонезии, ч...
Новое интро, которое появится в грядущем обновлении к http://store.steampowered.com/app/476020/
Arctic Monkeys - 'R U Mine?' from 'AM', released 2013 on Domino Record Co.
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● Original:by ryo 樣
● Cover:by うさ 樣
Occurred on March 16, 2019 / Okayama, Japan

"I took pictures on the way back from the trip. My dog was tired of playing and slept in the back seat...

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Just a Friend of Mine - Vaya Con Dios (HQ Sound)
MUSIC: W. Lambegt/D. Schoufs - LYRICS: D. Schoovearts (1987)
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25Dec, SBS only broadcast Intro+Be Mine,it is Japan TV ver.
Click here to listen & buy: http://smarturl.it/WithOrchestraLive

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Website: www.ho...
Reflection of Mine is a dark puzzle video game about the dissociative identity disorder. The entire game takes place in the broken mind........
Take a look at this teaser trailer for 11 bit studios' new IP, This War of Mine.

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Artist: Sandra
Song: You'll Be Mine
Year: 1986
#AppetiteForDestruction: The Debut Album, Remastered and Expanded. Available now as Box Set, Super Deluxe, Double LP, and Double CD here: https://l...
|| DriveMusic ||
iTunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/youre-mine-feat.-oscar-wolf/id1033192675?at=1001lp47&mt=1&app=music

DriveMusic prov...
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The White Man must fight back to reclaim there White Homes and Neighborhoods and believe me when we rid the Jew from this country we will all take back our Neighbors hopefully Philadelphia, Detroit, New York City, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Montgomery, and Jackson along with all cities in this nation being White once again.
This is Finnish band Steve ´n´ Seagulls playing You Could Be Mine by G´n´R.
Video shot by Jaakko Manninen Photography.
Sound recorded by Antti La...
❝...love is blind and darling right now, i can't see you...❞

agh. back so soon? i've been dying to vid this song ever since i heard it and newtmas...
Слушай и скачивай трек: https://soundcloud.com/nikita-zhurovich-864057413

Music: Magic sound , Label Worx (Phoenix)
singer: Никита Журович (Zhurov...
How to Mine Cryptocurrency at Home: Interview with the CEOWith this post ICO project it is now possible to mine crypto at home from within your bro...
Lapiffany has 9 month old twin daughters, Lauren and London, and is confident her fiancé, Marco, is their biological father. He denies them because...

Purchase Shania Twain’s latest music: http://umgn.us/shaniatwainpurchase
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Brandon Flowers delivers a exclusive performance of "Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine" for Alt Nation.

Alt Nation is the latest alternative rock releas...

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Eddie Fresco - A Soul For Mine...
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Скромный гитарный кавер на Арктик Манкис)


Coming June 23, 2015, Batman: Arkham Knight is the epic conclusion to the Rocksteady Batman: Arkham Trilogy.

As Scarecrow unites the Rogues Galle...

Halsey gives a powerful, moving and truthful speech/poem to the masses at the 2018 Women's March in NYC.

Source: https://twitter.com/halsey/statu...
Music video by Mushroomhead performing Your Soul Is Mine. (C) 2009 Megaforce

VAV(브이에이브이)_She's Mine_Music Video

VAV 4th Digital Single Album [She's Mine] 
Released Online!

iTunes : http://goo.gl/cTGeuo
MelOn : http://go...
I just finished season 3 of Robin Hood BBC. Yes, I put time since I saw the first two seasons a very long time ago. But I had trouble to continue s...
Draskyl SF - YOUR SOUL IS MINE! - Dota 2 Highlights TV
(Vocal version)

no_4mat: https://soundcloud.com/no_4mat/

movie: "valerie and her week of wonders"

В данном обзоре вы увидите игру Mines of Mars. Mines of Mars представляет из себя приключенческую игру от разработчиков Crescent Moon Games. ...
Born Marvin Pentz Gay Jr. in Washington, D.C., in 1939, he sings in church as a child, becoming a soloist in the choir and learning to play piano a...
Поздравляем всех принцесс на Земле с Международным женским днём!
Сегодня для вас прозвучит песня Hatsune Miku - "World is Mine" в нашем переводе :3...
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Jim Capaldi - Love Used To Be A Friend Of Mine (with lyrics)

Well I'm standing out here on this mountain
Feeling like a child in a storm
Though it...
Заброшенная шахта /The Mine/ Фильм ужасов в HD

В поисках приключений на Хэллоуин пятеро школьных друзей проникают в шахту, по слухам населенную пр...
►Available in all selected stores:
►iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/youre-mine-single/1457306470
►Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album...
2019年5月22日発売 N.Flying Japan 1st ALBUM「BROTHERHOOD」収録曲から4本の新作Music Videoを随時連続公開!! まず1本目は「The World Is Mine」を公開!!

2019년 5월 22일 발매 N.Flying Japan 1st...
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Видео загруженно с помощью группы VKS » YouTube.
Оригинал видео: https://youtu.be/cN8xdCCyl4o
Заходи в группу: https://vk.com/youbevk
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Combination of a bi-directional TNT duping quarry and a water remover. Works in every biome and with every terrain. Creates a 300x300 perimeter in about 6-8 hours. built in 1.11.2

Best way to make large perimeters in vanilla survival minecraft. Please no more "clever" comments, that you can also use MCedit.

world download:
(quarry is directional)

music: Vexento - Tevo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ilmango1
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Nathan Ryan:
FT아일랜드 (FT Island) - Always Be Mine.
Madam B's Salon. December 7, 2008.
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Lola Marsh are playing two of their songs in the sunny streets of Tel Aviv.

Directed by Colin Solal ...
Приятного просмотра!!!
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Процессор: Intel Core I3...
Get this deck: http://bit.ly/Manaless_Dredgevine

00:04 Living End, 23:32 Electro End, 42:01 Burn, 48:33 Whir Prison, 1:00:38 Full Deck tech

A Mod...
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