Happy Birthday Harry
“You are a treasure @kevinmchale and all the awesomeness you share with the world. Happy Birthday DruidDude!!!!”
Harry Styles sing Happy birthday song to Lux!

Lux is daughter of Lou Teasdale.

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Play this video on your birthday :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY... tomorrow lol 1st Feb

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The boys saying Happy Birthday to Harry's dad who was at the concert, it was his birthday! Pretty cute they are!

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Promo clip for "Happy Birthday" by Nigerian musician Harry Mosco (a.k.a. Mr. Funkees). Recorded and shot in London for the LP Sugar Cane Baby, rele...

Я и мои подруги поздравили нашего принца (а точнее принцесску) Гарри Стайлса с Днём Рождения :DD
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Видеопоздравление для Гарри [2016]
It's Harry Styles Birthday!!!!

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28 апреля 1982 родился замечательный, талантливый, прекрасный, шикарный, добрый человечек - Гарри Шам младший. Люблю его бесконечно. Моя любовь ❤
Гарри Стайлс - источник моего вдохновения. Сегодня его день рождения, поэтому я решила снять это видео и рассказать о том как он мотивирует меня ❤

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One direction singing happy birthday to harry at The regal Oxford :)

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(group hug) The boy sang Happy Birthday to Niall
& Harry Styles talks Buble
Кавер версия на песню Кэлвина Хэриса "Feel so close" от Мишер Кэтъю
Cover version for the song of Calvin Harris "Feel so close" by Mesher Cat'U
С днем Рожденияяя:*!!!! УРАААА

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Prince Henry of Wales (Henry Charles Albert David: born 15 September 1984), familiarly known as Prince Harry, is the younger son of Charles, Prince...
°˖✧ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAROLD ✘ CrackVid! Harry Styles

I don't know if I feel happy, excited, sad... Help me.

••••• where to ...
One Direction - Where We Are Tour, September 25th 2014, New Orleans, LA
sigh..... the cupcake's 19 gosh my little baby boo
i love him sooooooooooooooooooo much
hope you enjoyed the video :)


This clip -- it is a present on Calvin Harris birthday 17.01.2014.
Song there has a new text as a cover version.
I feel so close to you right now
It's the first feel...
For me your heart's like a perfect dream
but it's reality!
Your love gives more to me than world,
than even all's before

And there's no stopping us right now
I feel so close to you right now

I feel love

(dance beat plays)

I feel so close to you right now
It's a love thing!
After the CTMD Tour 2011 in Louisiana, Jawan, Trevante, family, and friends/fans went out to eat, where we all had a blast. Jawan being JAWAN of course... IT'S ON!!! LOL
Mar 14, 2015 One Direction On The Road Again Tour 2015 in Bangkok - sing Happy Birthday + Harry's game before Night Changes

CR: @kookg8, @kikyun
HAPPY 19 BIRTHDAY! :D Wish u the best day ever and hope you have a great party with your family and friends! Love from Spain. See you soon in TMHTour.
LOVE YOU HARRY!!!!!!!!!!! Please tweet this to @Harry_Styles ! Happy birthday Harry Styles! You're extraordinharry! I love you because you're the most perfect, brilliant, amazing, cutest, and have the funniest personality. I hope your birthday is great. :D ~Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it! ...
BSC Records представляет: Sides of light - Mixed by Artur Harris...
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Harry Styles Birthday! HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY! [February 1st 2013] 19 years old! new official and full harry styles from one direction 1d birthday gift he gets a car in the stomach

1. Harry was born on 1st February 1994 making him the youngest member of One Direction.
On The Road Again One Direction August 23, 2015

Published by: Universal Music Publishing, EMI Music Publishing & BMG Music Publishing
Happy 20th birthday, Harry Styles from Russia!!!!!!!
We all really love you Harry and from the heart of the day! We wish you health, happiness and pure love!!

At One Direction's final concert of the Where We Are Tour
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Заходите к нам;) х
I wish a happy birthday to the beautiful and talented Harry Styles. This video is dedicated to him.
I hope you all enjoy it.

Song: All of me - John Legend
Video Maker: Sony Vegas Pro 12
Coloring : Mine
Made by: @fakeniazkilam_
Harry, we all made this video together to wish you a massive happy birthday, all the best things of world for you because you deserve it and more! You're the best idol we could ever ask for!
We really hope you watch this video and like it!
Love you x

Please if you watched and liked this video, help us sending the link for harrys twitter!

Made by: @fakeniazkilam_ (Twitter and IG)/@10demaio2014 (Twitter) and all my sweet followers who sent their pics!

video of Harry Styles ! It's his birthday today ! 20 years !! I love him so much ! Have a great day ! I hope you'll like my video :)
twitter : https://twitter.com/LittleAngel_9
can tyou believe the baby is 20!?!?!?!
i hope he's having a fantastic day with his friends or family and party hard you fucker mwahhh
sorry for this video, i know it turned out kind of shitty, but i had to do some sort of video for harold's birthday, so dont hate okay :)





Please tweet this to @Harry_Styles ! Happy birthday Harry Styles! You're extraordinharry! I love you because you're the most perfect, brilliant, amazing, cutest, and have the funniest personality. I hope your birthday is great. :D ~Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it! ...
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.. for you I try ♥

- Thoughts below!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCIE!!!! HAVE A NICE DAY & hopefully you'll like the video how it turned out (for you I try, lol :D). For me, it is probably one of my favourite videos I've ever done (yeh it's true xD). I've finished this 2 weeks ago and yesterday I looked over it, but I wanted to wait until you have your birthday to upload it because otherwise I wouldn't have had anything for you. So enjoy your day, enjoy this video and I hope you have a great day with friends and fam

America's favorite boyband, BROCKHAMPTON (SATURATION III) gave a shout-out to their British counterpart Harry Styles. #TRL airs weekdays at 4pm. Ch...
Harry singing Happy Birthday to Anne Twist & asking crowd to sing with him at the 'We Can Survive' event in LA
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Harry and the whole venue wish Happy Birthday to some lucky fans in the audience.
Drunk Ron Weasley (played by Simon Pegg) visits Jimmy Fallon to wish Harry Potter a happy birthday.

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Обзор прошедшего года Гарри в честь его 31-летия(2016)
because harry's turning 22, i have decided to make this video, just some of my favourite clips of him! i cannot believe he's turning 22! i feel like it was only yesterday when he turned 19.. sigh.. lol.. i really doubt that harry would see this, but my message for him would be; i love you so much, and thank you for putting a smile on my face every single day, you and the rest of the lads! :)
Russian Directions' video for Harry's 22th bday!
Watch in HD ;)
And check out our community: https://vk.com/harrystyles.daily

Happy 22th Birthday Harry, wish you the best, you're an incredible human being. Thank you for all the joy you bring to us.

Russian Directions' video for Harry's 22th bday!
Watch in HD ;)
And check out our community: https://vk.com/harrystyles.daily

Happy 22th Birthday Harry, wish you the best, you're an incredible human being. Thank you for all the joy you bring to us.
9/13/14 - Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CA
Exclusive photos from this concert ► http://ow.ly/BuZvu
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Harry Styles tells the story of Niall Horan for his birthday. Everyone sings Niall Happy Birthday while he does an Irish jig during night 3 of 3 at the Rose Bowl during One Direction's Where We Are Tour.

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Harry's a person phenomenal, amazing, talented, stupefying, great, ethereal, divine, lovely, heavenly, delicate, perplex, stunning, mystical, excellent, elegant, majestic, magical, jubilant, luscious, opulent, zealous, whimsical, veracious, vibrant, peachy, serene, valiant, radiant, appealing, perceptive, wonderful, fascinating, admirable, creative, bonny, blissful, golden, graceful, huggable, humorous, graceful, flawless, flamboyant, darling, defiant, celestial, captivating, big-hearted, exemplary, exquisi

happy birthday, love
I didn't really have so much time to do something fancy for his birthday ): and I didn't want to not do anything if that makes sense hahah so I tho...
WOW!!!!Danielle is 31 Today,yet She Looks SO Young!!!! I Want to Wish Danielle a Very Happy Birthday!!!! I Hope You'll Enjoy This!!!!
Natasha Bedingfield!!!!-Pocketful of Sunshine!!!!
Happy birthday, hope you have a wonderful day! xoxo
Как то так *-* Надеюсь, ничего страшного, если не назвали город, а просто сказали "Россия"?:)