Shout out to that one person that kept asking me to finish this I'm finally done after many many months! Hope you like ;)

Video: Starbeam

Created in FlipaClip
Carbot Sofia the hydralisk (Me)
Moonscream the cobra (Not my oc)
Kmn this was super rushed but I made it in only a couple of days so gj me? I really need a better editing program this looks really meh with Micro...
это коллаб с одной девочкой.
┊┊┊┊ °
┊┊┊☆ •
┊┊🌙    *
┊☆  °
🌙 * · * ·

- this was only a test, or you could s...
collab w/
-PimRis (Scout) :

-HomuTheFoxy CH (Pyro) :
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Motion by AnastasiaP BATIM

Models by GameAssetStudio,Druelbozo,TDA,ChibySnorlax,Ya...
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Jung Ho Seok | J-Hope | 정 호석 | BTS
Dessert - Dawin ft.Silento @messer322 @coub
Dessert 266 contest @coub
3,085 Likes, 62 Comments - FoodFuly (@foodfuly) on
Dawin - Dessert | Lana Mur | Twerk in the street @coub
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WHERE : 지난 5월 진행된 LA 아트 디스트릭 HD포토 촬영장. 뷔의 열정적인 촬영 모습을 담았습니다.
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So Yummy! Tasty desserts #2 🍰Video for the Sweet tooth 😍Amazing Cake Decorating Ideas Compilation
Have a great time.
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Amazing 14 tasty Desserts recipes 2018 🍓 Fruit Dessert Recipes 🍉 Easy recipes video
Here you can find many interesting and unique videos!
We hope ...

cr. kimsehuwun
Crescendo Ice Cream in LA serves this unique frozen dessert. They're infused with liquid nitrogen, so you breathe "smoke" like a dragon when you ea...
Dinner Date: Just Desserts - ‘Will Simon be Fur-ever alone?’

It’s finally time for Simon to serve dinner to his date but Simon’s Cat seems to hav...
мое первое видео! не судите строго
IN STUDIO video production • Видеосъемка для бизнеса в СПб

+7 909 700 77 00
Blan Manje | Haitian Coconut Fruit Dessert New Videos every Thursday! | Nouvo Videyo chak Jedi!

Full Recipe:

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Enjoy making Honey Pomegranate Polenta Cake with the LG NeoChef during the holiday season.

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Brand Site: https://www.lg....

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Thai Coconut Dessert

Thai street food and sightseeing Thailand and I cover areas such as Bangkok Chinatown and many Bangkok street food markets as...

No Bake Cake and more such similar yummy food recipe ideas, , For more Click Here:

About So Yummy
So Yummy brings you fun fo...

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Athena Palomino Athena For Dessert секс порно
Как можно перепутать слова пустыня и десерт, да еще и приплести сюда слово покидать, дезертировать? Легко, друзья, если вы находитесь на активной с...
InternationalDanceFest _6/05/17
Learn how to make desserts the quick and easy way, for more click here:
Насыпной пирог с грушами за 5 минут – простой и легкий рецепт пирога.
ПОДПИСАТЬСЯ на канал можно по ссылке
Elegant Desserts presents a video demonstrating the creation of our very popular seasonal dessert, the Raspberry & White Chocolate Mousse Cake. Ta...

Закажи Dessert Maker прямо сейчас:

Лето, жара. Чего в такое время хочется больше всего? Ну, конечно же, мороженого! Сорбет — ...
Hello Mellogang! EDC Week is here! I got to cook in the amazing kitchen of the Wynn Resort Las Vegas with Executive Chef Joe Zanelli. The Wynn Reso...
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Sponge Rasgulla Recipe | Easy Dessert Rasgulla Recipe by Our Grandpa for Orphan Kids

Sponge Rasgulla Recipe | Easy R...
Boston. Home of the Red Sox, Mark Wahlberg, and...Boston cream pie! See how this sweet invention courtesy of the Omni Parker House Hotel is inspiri...
How to Make a Chocolate Floral Border | Easy Designs for Cakes & Desserts
Hi there !!
Hope you liked the video, please be sure to check out the tem...
Данное видео загруженно с помощью группы - VKS » YouTube.
Оригинал видео:
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Dawin - Dessert | Duck Choreography | MOVE Dance Studio(분당무브댄스학원)

Choreography | 금(주1회) 21:00-23:00

MOVE Dance Studio, Bundang, Korea.
Duck(심용덕) choreography
Music : Dawin - Dessert

#choreography #Dawin #Dessert #Duck
Kakao ID : movedance

무브댄스 홈페이지


Hey guys,
It was our surprise/gift show to our lovely students and family at R3D ONE Christmas Show 2015 (R1XMAS15). We didn't have too much time t...

My dream man. Words Unspoken by Debra Arlyn.
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⇨Tools and ingredients:
Ice Cr...
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⇨Tools and ingredients:
Ice Cr...

Whoopie pies are a fixture in Maine, but what exactly makes this "upside down cupcake" so unique? Zagat visited Moody's Diner in Waldoboro and Two ...
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It's The Jurassic Make Off, a Yogscast/Game Grumps collaboration where we make stuff in a tent. If you missed the last part, watch it here: https:/...

●Motion by : ✿ME✿

●Model by : ✿HikariShironeko✿
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5 Dairy Free Sorbet Recipes:
5 Chocolate Ice Creams:
5 F...
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In this cake decorating tutorial, I demonstrate how to create this 3 tier marbled and confetti covered beauty. Easier than she looks!

To order you...
In this cake decorating tutorial, I demonstrate how to paint a multi toned watercolour cake using a large brush, and how to embellish with edible g...
In this cake decorating tutorial, I demonstrate how to

If you are enjoying these videos and would love to see more free and valuable cake decorat...

Instagram - gbmg_studio
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das licher und wir machen heute etwas ja
doch etwas aufwendigeres die techniken
die ich euch da zeige sind aber nichts
neues für euch das heißt inhaltlich ja
neues rezept aber keine neue technik ich
bin dennoch super gespannt was ihr dazu
zu sagen gehabt schreibt das mal in die
kommentare ich freue mich von euch zu
wir starten jetzt aber als allererstes
mit dem dekor biskuit mit dieser
zigaretten masse die heißt so und dafür
braucht ja viel zutaten ihr braucht
welche mutter ihr braucht puderzucker
die ich gerade in meiner schüssel
wir brauchten ganz klein bisschen eiweiß
und ihr braucht mehr und das ist auch
schon alles und dann braucht ihr
natürlich farbe die ihr in der ehe die
die masse einfärben m&
Delicious recipe for JULY, Best recipe video. Click here:


Привет, отдыхающие!

Я думаю, что уже во всех уголках нашей страны наступило оно.....Летооооо.

Для меня лето - это самое сложное для фигуры время....
Shop the Tasty kitchenware collection here:

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Credits: https://www.buz...

Китайская груша
Растопленный шоколад
Чищеный миндаль
И прочие фрукты, орехи по вкусу.
Разложить по кре...

Peanut Butter S’mores Dip
Serves 4-6

1 pound mini peanut butter cups
1 pound large marshmallows
15-20 graham crackers

Мой любимый, нежный, легкий десерт "Анна Павлова", ням! #мойлюбимыйдесертПавлова #какприготовитьдесертАннаПавлова #мойрецептдесерта #безеиягоды #во...

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✔ Воздушный, легкий, тающий во рту муссовый торт "Малиновое облако". Нежные и влажные кофейно-шоколадные коржи с вкуснейшим сливочно-малиновым мусс...
This video features crazy satisfying desserts, videos of chocolate mixing, cake decorating, cookies being crushed and much more tasty stuff. Enjoy ...
Видео рецепт приготовления творожного десерта "Трио". Вкусное, красивое и полезное лакомство для детей и взрослых.

► Подписка на новые рецепты: ht...
Tal est un jeune pâtissier israélien venu vivre à Paris pour se former à l’art complexe de la pâtisserie française à la grande école Ferrandi. Il s...

Want s'more tiramisu? Classic American dessert with an Italian Twist!
For more:
About So Yummy
So Yummy brings you fun food ...

The Cake Boss shows us his sexy summery Rosé Trifle that's perfect as a romantic dinner dessert that keeps the rosé flowing, baby!

450 гр. сметаны,
2 ст. л сахарной пудры,
100 мл. молока,
2 ст. л. вареной сгущенки,
1 с...
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Тайные видео-обращения между Сынгваном и Мунбином
This video have 10 recipes that I try collection for all of you and I hope all recipes you want to try. Thank you for watching

1-Swedish Princess...


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8 DIY Giant And Miniature Edible Makeup / Edible Pranks!:
In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to create this cement like scraped watercolour cake. Super easy to make!
Подборка приколов и coub на канале Лепрекон Coub
От этого десерта обалдели абсолютно все-вкус просто завораживает ароматами, а вкусовые рецепторы получают сумасшедшее удовольствие!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
ОЧЕНЬ ВКУСНЫЙ и КРАСИВЫЙ ТОРТ КАРПАТКА Гибридный Новый Десерт выпечка ЗАВАРНОЙ ПИРОГ "ЛФКПАТКА" Как приготовить Пирог Карпатка очень простой реце...
Street vendor sells shaved ice /snow cone the old school way, with a manual hand cranked machine in Bangkok, Thailand. Known as Namkhaeng sai (น้ำแ...
The world's smallest chef prepares a delicious dessert. Bon appétit!

Have a look at our other 'Le Petit Chef' projections:
BBQ: https://www.youtu...
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This video has 7 recipes that I try collection for all of you and I hope all recipes you want to try

If you are the owner of any of the videos an...
⭐ Натуральная косметика NATURA Vita / African Energy / Vanilla Dessert / Turkish Coffee || Василиса Прекрасная

В посылке:
1. Регенерирующий африканский шампунь African Energy
2. Регенерирующий африканский бальзам African Energy
3. Регенерирующий африканский масляный комплекс African Energy
4. Персидский натуральный сахарный скраб Vanilla Dessert
5. Турецкий натуральный кофейный сахарный скраб Turkish Coffee

⏩ Подробнее о серии:
⏩ Серия «Hammam organic oils» в «Фратти-Shop»:

#turkishcoffee #vanilladessert #vanilla #africanenergy #натуральнаякосметика #косметикахаммам #hammamorganicoils #натуравита #naturavita
Коллаб с смоим семпаем -
In this video tutorial I demonstrate how to create a delicate and elegant chocolate boarder around a cake decorated with fresh berries and flowers....
Творожный десерт бланманже - вкусный и полезный десерт из творога. Этот изумительный творожный десерт готовится без выпечки. Для его приготовления ...
In this video, we finally go inside of Sugar Lane and sample their desserts. I have been eyeing this cafe for quite a while and I’m excited to sha...

jackson is so cute here ❣️ enjoy!!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

trans: @sseunah


Груши томленные в вине. Невероятно вкусный и простой в приготовлении десерт. С красивой подачей ткой десерт украсит ваш праздничный стол и порадует...

Heghineh Cooking Show in Armenian - Նինայի Բաղադրտոմսը - Անուշ Պանիրանուշ-պանիր
"The Armenian Table" Cookbook
Music : Mak$ Bucks
Words : Tatyana Bilchenko /miss Entelehija Empirejskaya (lyrics)
Arranged by : Mak$ Bucks/Alex Bernd
2017.MB - Life music

Produced By : Mak$ Bucks
©2018 MB - Life
Label : MB - Life Music

Official Site :
Два рецепта очень нежной и вкусной карамели,оба рецепта универсальны,из этой карамели можно приготовить разные сладости,знаменитый щербет,добавив о...
The magic has deserted med. A track from Standard Selection Blues Bands latest album Jumpin' & Stompin' with guest singer Hans Ludvigsson.
I'm making a beautiful Wedding Cake Stand that rotates for less than $20 as an answer to one of my viewer's request.

Toni Scott-Daniel - Producer/...


This one for all the sweetums out there. Get ready to see the recipes and preparation process of the dessert masterpieces...
ABC học làm món tráng miệng ❤ hoa quả dầm ❤ Dessert

❤ ABC ❤ KÊNH GIẢI TRÍ CHO TRẺ EM ❤ ABCTrân trọng cám ơn các bạn đã xem! ❤ Và đừng quên ĐĂNG K...
So Yummy! Video for the Sweet tooth 🍰Tasty desserts! Amazing Cake Decorating Ideas Compilation 2018
Have a great time.
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Russian/English description:
500 г сметаны (250 гр + 250 гр), сахар (2/3 стакана + 2/3 стакана), 3 столовые ложки какао, 1/3 большого лимона с толс...
Here at Twisted we all have a sweet tooth, so today we rounded up the best Twisted desserts. For all your chocolate lovers, cake lovers, and sweet ...

65 THOUSAND Strands of Cotton Candy! Try these yummy dessert and hacks by Blossom! Super yum, colorful and fun to make.

Blossom presents super coo...
Have a great time! 🌺
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1 https://www.instagra...

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Видео группы
Неописуемо вкусный десерт. Моя дочка сравнила его с облаком)))))

Learn how to make desserts the quick and easy way, for more click here:
Go get some dessert & learn these 10 delicious dessert idioms.These idioms may have dessert names, but their meanings are very different. Enjoy & h...