LayCool are injured they shouldn't have competed against Beth and Kelly. This match shouldn't have happened. LayCool are still flawless!!

12/23/10 episode of Thursday Night Superstars
Michelle McCool and Layla vs Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly
Divas Tag Team Match
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WWE Raw 5/23/11 Kelly Kelly,Eve Torres,Gail Kim Beth Phoenix vs. Bella Twins,Maryse Melina w/Kharma

Mickie James and Kelly Kelly vs Victoria and Beth Phoenix tag team match. I enjoyed this match, hope you do to :D.

WWE SmackDown 10/14/11 | Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly
WWE SmackDown 10/14/11 | Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

After Her Unsucessful Divas Championship Match Against Layla Last Night The Glamazon Beth Phoenix Takes On The Blonde Kelly Kelly!!!
Cool Match Excepting For Kelly, She Sucks!!!!, What A Bad Way To Sell The Glamslam, Anyway Beth Makes The Pin For The 3 Count The Win :D!
Will Be This The Return Of The Past Dominant, Unstopable Powerful Beth Phoenix?
I Hope So!!!
Beth Rocks!!!
Raw 5/21/12 Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix.
WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix - WWE Divas Championship
Kelly Kelly's best fan page :
Also ;

WWE Raw 5/7/12 Kelly Kelly Layla vs Natalya Maxine w/Beth Phoenix on commentary

WWE RAW match: Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly.

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WWE Raw 09/22/08 Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix With Santino Marella
Eve Torres and Kelly taking on DOD; This vid is also for @KODivas cause he wanted to see Eve getting Pin Up Stronged
WWE RAW 0916/11 | Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs. Eve & Kelly Kelly
Our Beautiful Divas Champion Beth Phoenix Takes On The Queen Of The Roll-Up's Kelly Kelly In A WWE Superstars Singles Competition!!!
Excellent Match Where After A Failed Glamslam Turned Roll-Up By Kelly, Beth Recovers The Way Sucessfully Connects Another One For The Pin The Win!!!
Hopefully WWE Will Change Their Mind About That Shitty Wrestlemania Match, #NoMenounosAtWM!!!
Beth Phoenix Is AWESOME!!!
Love Kelly Kelly ! ♥
#ThrowbackDivas and you can request matches !
WWE Raw 3/26/12 - Kelly Kelly vs. Eve Torres w/Beth Phoenix
WWE Raw 3/26/12 - Kelly Kelly vs. Eve Torres w/Beth Phoenix [
WWE Raw 3/26/12 - Kelly Kelly vs. Eve Torres

WWE Raw 3/26/12 03/26/12 3/26/12 03/26/12 3/26/12 3/26/2012 03/26/2012
3/26/12 3/26/12 26/3/12 26/03/12 26th March 2012 26 march 2012

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WWE RAW WrestleMania Revange Tour 2012 in Poland
Ergo Arena w Gdańsku
WWE Raw Brand Divas Match : Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix with Kelly Kelly and Natalya Neidhart .
Tribute To The Troops 2011 Match 3-The Bella Twins,Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs Kelly Kelly,Alicia Fox,Eve & Maria Menounos
Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya @ Raw Super Show Kelly Kelly attacks Beth during match.

WWE Superstars 12/23/10 - Lay-Cool vs Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly

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WWE Night of Champions 2011 - Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix - Night of Champions 2011 Match Card

WWE Raw 1/26/09 Melina Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix Jillian Hall HD

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Divas tag team Match

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Raw 6/13/11 All-Stars 14-Diva Tag Match
The Bella Twins, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Tamina, Maryse and Melina vs. Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Eve Torres, Natalya, AJ Lee and Kaitlyn
Comment and tell me who you think will and should win the Diva's title at summerslam.

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WWE RAW 12/05/11 Kelly Kelly Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix Natalya w/Alicia Fox at ringside

WWE Raw 2/6/12 Tamina, Alicia Fox, Eve Torres Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix, Natalya Bella Twins (HQ)
Tamina, Alicia Fox, Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix, Natalya and The Bella Twins
WWE RAW 11/14/11 Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya - Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres Alicia Fox at Ringside
WWE Monday Night Raw Super Show 12/5/11 or WWE Monday Night Raw Super Show 5/12/11 - Divas Match - Kelly Kelly and Eve vs Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya [Divas Of Doom]

for the ScreamShout MVC.
It sucks soooooooo bad! Im soo sorry :s<br/><br/>
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SmackDown: Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly vs. Layla & Michelle McCool
WrestleMania Revenge Tour 2011 : Beth Phoenix Vs. Layla arbitré par Kelly Kelly @ Lyon Halle Tony Garnier 24/04/2011
Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix looks to get back on the winning track against Kelly Kelly.

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Raw: Kelly Kelly & Eve vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya

WWE Raw 6/6/11 - Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix vs. The Bella Twins