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The highest peaks in Switzerland and France in one tour. #горы #France #лыжи
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Final: http://life-in-the-cupboard.deviantar...

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i used Lowpoly Stylized Environment marketplace pack and can be found here a...
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On my channel is all most popular lego series such as Chima, Trains, City, Ninjago, Creator, Star Wars, Movie, Super Heroes, Hobbit and other awesome lego sets!

Send up the drone to check out this awesome jet with dangerous blades, guns and loads of cool pirate details. And beware—the Sky Shark could drop dynamite or rotten fish at any moment! Then convert the drone into a jetpa

photoshop manipulation - Iron girl in stomr sky - speed art by S.T.A
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30 х 40 см, холст, масло, 2017.
Первый эксперимент по изображению ночного неба.
Аккумулятор умер до завершения картины, рисование дерева там не вид...
Sci-Fi sky station from sketch to finished concept art.
This is Speed Painting by Dmitry Kaidash.
Tools: Wacom Bamboo, Photoshop CS5, Cinema 4d, Adobe After Effects CS6.

Time spent:
Sketch: 5 hours
3d modeling: 6 hours
Texturing: 4 hours
Rendering: 6 hours
Post-production: 4 hours
Total time: 25 hours

I hope you enjoy it.

Быстрая цифровая живопись научно-фантастической небесной станции от наброска к готовому концепт арту.
Общее время: более 25 часов.
Автор: Дмитрий Кайдаш

Check out
Спасибо Леониду Гоголеву за ответы на мои вопросы по рисованию)
Speed-Art для Макса Козлова.
От Доги
Вот сам арт
Спасибо Леониду Гоголеву за ответы на мои вопросы по рисованию)
Speed-Art для Макса Козлова.
От Доги
Вот сам арт
Музыка: Lensko - Sarvagon 2015
This is a time-lapse video of my latest space painting, it's acrylic on canvas.
Paint time for this was around 20 minutes, at most 30 if you take i...
Кубок мира по скоростному спуску в Салле, 2018
GoPro footage from my World Cup week in Grandvalira racing the Speed Ski circuit. Clips from several runs, with a top speed of 196kph on Friday 07/...
High Speed Skiing Accident. Top speed over 101247970km/h GoPro HD hero and Sports tracker 720p.
Видеоуроки живописи и рисунка НА ЛЮБОЙ ВКУС только в нашем паблике Подписывайтесь! У нас интересно и познавательно ;)

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Одной из последних новинок 2017 года стали интерактивные аттракционы - автогонки "SKY SPEED" и танковое сражение "WAR of TANKS", которые представляют собой точные копии гоночной трассы и танкового полигона в уменьшенном масштабе.
Наши аттракционы станут ярким украшением любого мероприятия (корпоратив, детский праздник, презентация, молодежная вечеринка).
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How Marcel Hirscher, Felix Neureuther and Aksel Lund Svindal managed the fastest selfie of their lifes
These death-defying speed skiiers fly through the Alps as fast as 90 mph in this breathtaking clip.
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Began the second half of my #YearInSpace with this incredible clear-sky fly over #America, speeding over Earth 17,500 mph from #Mexico up the East Coast of #USA! #space #iss #spacestation #video
Спасибо Леониду Гоголеву за ответы на мои вопросы по рисованию)
Speed-Art для Макса Козлова.
От Доги
Вот сам арт
Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance 724 (30-07-2015)


Tracklist: [00:00] 01. A State of Trance - Intro (00:57)
[00:56] 02. Above & Beyond feat. Gemma Hayes - Counting Down The Days (05:44)
[06:40] 03. Eric Prydz - Opus[Trending Track] (06:23)
[13:03] 04. Wrechiski - Signus (04:32)
[17:35] 05. Universal Sense - Universe (Elite Electronic Remix) (01:59)
[19:34] 06. Alex O'Rion - Electrifying Love (03:41)
[23:15] 07. Beat Service & Cathy Burton - Love Is Your Home (04:18)
[27:33] 08. New W

Sky Wars з MartyHD
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Head up to the slopes here:

The Origone brothers: the two fastest men in the world on skis share their true passion for speed...
Skiing - Speed flying Trollheimen mountains - Kårvatn
Music: Speechless - Memphis May Fire
Off Road And On The Piste: Nissan GTR Speeds Up Ski Slope
Barcroft Cars - The Home Of Amazing Car Stories Online

Today we paint a starry night sky with acrylics.

You can find my book on the essentials of acrylic painting here:
No "Real" Vehicles or "People" were harmed in the making of this film.
Offering more BeamNG Drive content! Featuring Insane Crashes, Realistic Cras...
“Speed flying with Toby and Giz #etrefort #mountains #ski #speedflying #switzerland #parachute watch entire clip here…”
High speed ski crash!!! Juanki Sanchez came down at over 200kph after losing a ski. He was racing with me today in VARS at the World Record attempt...
Producción: Manifiesto ( y Dee&Beat (
Dirección creativa, realización y post-producción: Victor Moscardó, Albert Capó A. y Marc Arroyo
Самое скоростное падение на лыжах.
Using the excellent and free voxel modeling program MagicaVoxel Camp Kilobit speed models the main character from Shooty Skies, Shooty Cat. A "blueprint" of voxel counts for all views is provided at the beginning of the video. Hope you enjoy.

Speed painting "[Request] Amaranthine sky"
by TanyaGreece (so by me)
OC by

2.17 hours of work
Tools: Photoshop CS6 rus.ver and SAI
Finished work
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Highest building in Bangkok - 305 meters.
Всем привет! это первый урок по Коллажированию (Манипуляции) из категории Премиум. Этот урок подойдёт всём, он очень простой и интересный, а главное что в нём присутствуют РУССКИЕ скриншоты. Поработаем с масками-слоёв, инструментами: "Кисть" "Быстрое выделение", добавим несколько корректирующих слоёв и т.д

Урок из категории ПРЕМИУМ, а это значит что доступ к нему получат только зарегистрированные пользователи. На сайте работает простая форма регистрации/входа на сайт через соц. сеть Вконтакте
Full story:
High-speed video reveals the biomechanics of waterskiing beetles that ski so fast they vanish
Andreea Olea - Wingsuit Aerobatics Demo Reel - official submission entry for Phoenix-Fly N4S Project Blue Sky Music: Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston - We're All We Need Footage courtesy of: Billy delGiudice, Diogo Amarante, Jarno Cordia, Jeff Donohue, Mark Krasinski, Matthew Veno, Oscar Lozada, Sam Laming This video was made possible by: Phoenix-Fly, Aerodyne Research For more information on wingsuit instruction and aerobatic wingsuit coaching you may vi
2009 год. Ускоренная запись динамичного неба на движке SOURCE. Никакого кодинга. Только маппинг и текстуринг.
Watercolor storm landscape 20x speed - painting demonstration

Drawing and painting is good!
Drawing and Painting Channel.
Drawing and painting.
Speed drawing. Speed painting.

Paint landscape and sky storm, in Watercolour.
Time lapse. Soul.
Speed painting watercolour.
Watercolour Tutorial.
Paint a Realistic painting.
Watercolour speed painting.
Painting a storm in watercolour.
Paint a watercolour landscape and sky.
How to draw landscape.
This is v sped up footage from Sunday's live show. I'll be painting again on stream May 17 at 4:30 ET.

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Team Page: http://fundraising.stjud
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Speed-Art для Макса Козлова.
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This video explains the basics of how to mimic controlling speed on skis while on inline skates. Master this skill on your inline skates and prepare your body for the ski season.

Skate: Rollerblade Tempest 100
Speed skiing, the fastest non-motorized sport on the planet, doesn’t separate along gender lines. Women race on the same course as their male count...
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Warp Speed Mr. Sulu! Let's head to another system in No Man's Sky!

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i decide to model my old hover bike design that i made and since im to lazy to model the character so i just put my model of low poly girl.

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Need for Speed Payback Walkthrough Gameplay includes a Review, Intro and Campaign Missions of the NFS Payback Single Player Camp...
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Музыка: _Electro-Light_-_Symbolism_NCS_
Музыка: Daniel-Ingram-MLP-FIM-Raise-This-Barn-Sim-Gretina-ReMix
Music: Haitz - Animal

This video was taken on March 2012. I tried to gain the fullest speed but I was riding with my freestyle skis and I think I couldn't make it because they're not so heavy like racing skis (I should have used my racing skis to do that).
It's funny because in the end of the video I almost got hit by the snow grooming machine but I was lucky.

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#Grandvalira #Грандвалира #Ski #Лыжи #Отдыхзимой #Андорра #Andorra
In Jetski Water Racing: Riptide X you will be racing on the strongest powerboats!
Reach impossible speeds and perform the most challenging stunts o...
Control on any slope. Playlist of 8 related videos in this series:
Port 19132
How to play Castle in the sky (君をのせて)
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Guy gets smashed after coming off at high speed. 2 cracked ribs and a busted up knee
Hey guys! I have been so busy over this past month with huge amounts of coursework so I haven't been able to upload anything, sorry! However, this was a piece I did quickly for one of my art assignments and I wanted to share it with you guys. Hope you guys like it, sorry for the camera not focusing in the middle. -_-
Till next time, fairfarren!

Mediums used:
- Watercolor paints
- Acrylic paint (White)
- Chalk pastel
- Pigment liner
- Pencil

Time taken: 1hr 45 mins.
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Sky Tree is the tallest tower in the world

Tokyo Sky tree

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky (Speed 100%) Piano Tutorial

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky (Speed 80%) Piano Tutorial

Five Nights At Freddy's Piano Tutorial

Up And Down Piano Tutorial
Музыка в конце написана, если что
Моя группа
Канал Crvanya
★Ставь лайк бро=) Это поможет быстрому выходу видео!
Lista de canciones/Track list songs
02-Ways of vice
03-My Aym
04-Road To Nowhere
05-Flying In The Rain
06-Temple Of Fear
07-Don´t Tell Me Farewell
09-Before The War (Intr)
11-Frozen Sky

When skiing it can be difficult to control your speed unless you are completing your turns. In this ski tutorial Darren Turner, Ski Instructor and presenter of the Ski School Apps describes what this means and how to achieve it on the snow. Get this right and it will help to transform your parallel skiing.

Ski School Intermediate on the iTunes App Store:

Watch our other ski technique videos, have a lo
This is a time-lapse video of my latest space painting, it's acrylic on canvas, sealed with a gloss varnish.
Paint time for this was around 45 minu...
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Кубок мира по скоростному спуску в Салле,2018
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Acrylic painting

Society6 Shop:
한국 스토어
Today we paint a large glowing moon amongst a starry night sky. We also go over how to paint clouds. This is an acrylic painting lesson.

You can f...

Таймлапс видео
Спидпаинт на будущую работу
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#LEARN_COLORS SPEED JETSKI #Superheroes #extreme_jetski Stunts Hydration Pack - Sea Run Racing Game. Become a Jet Ski boat stunts rider with sea ru...
Ссылка на трубу Synta BK 707AZ2:

Ссыл ...
Shocking VIDEO captures horror at Georgian ski resort as chair lift speeds out of control

Watch more at:

#английский_язык, #английский, #English, #News, #Facts, #News_In_English, #Story, #World, #World_news, #Eglish_words, #breakingnews, #Worldnews, #Eglishwords,
#NewsInEnglish, #английскийязыконлайн,
#английскийязыкизучение, #изучениеанглийскогоонлайн.
3 минуты из восьмичасовых покатушек каждый день в горах 🏔️#Буковель =) Это не самый скоростной спуск, но один из самых длинных , почти 2.5км .
В эт...
SPEED - Skiing in the Italy. In some places the speed was 80km\h (max speed 87.9)
Created by me)
Youtube link:
Instagram: tony200100
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Для дополнительного или основного дохода, вы сможете реализовать себя в профессии "Менеджер многоуровнего краудинвестинга"
Wazzup dolls! Today I have another 64x64 build for you guys, this time really making use of the terrain tools! I'm building a ski resort & spa in W...
On November 26, 2018 the witness has filmed a cigar-shaped UFO at the moment he was driving near Spike Island, Cork in Ireland.
Описание, купить:
Обсудить, проконсультироваться: https://ast...
Roller Skating Downhill (Descente) - Top Speed session "kilomètre lancé" (kl"Ski") by Fc rider(+90 km/h...)195km/h Session !!

#rollers_club_spb #rollers #spb #Питер #Спб #Тренр #Клуб #Здоровье #ролики #ЗОЖ #катаниенароликах #катаемвместе #ролики #роликирулят #роликовыеконьки #роллершкола #спорт #фитнес
Музыка из видео – 1)Prismo – Stronger
2)Anevo – Waiting on Your Call
Моя страничка Вк –
Night Sky - Speed Painting [Watercolor & Gouache]


This time I decided to paint a night sky!
I paint using watercolor, except the white,...

This song is uploaded for promotional use only. Send me a message and I'll remove it.

Program: Pait tool SAI 2
Music (OST Pyre):
- Darren Korb - In the flame
- Darren Korb - Tim...
SuspectSky features the best sightings, analysis, and thought-provoking research of the UFO and other strange phenomena happening on Earth and beyo...
на формулу 1 (28.09.2017) пришлось спуститься на горных лыжах (перед гонкой Формулы 1). скорость 50-60 км/ч. at formula 1 (2017y.) I had to make ski downhill (before formula 1 race (28.09.2017) - the speed was 50-60 km/h.
Drift Allstars Festival of Speed Sky Sports Feature
Today we paint a calm cloud in a blue sky with acrylic paints. This is an acrylic painting lesson

You can find my book on the essentials of acryl...

Спуск с горы по грязному льду на беговых лыжах. Красноярск. Лыжный стадион Ветлужанка. Downhill speed ski cross on ice.18.3
While traveling around Mountain Sheep Canyon, at Lake Powell, this high speed canyon jet ski captures some amazing footage of the canyon. The unmov...
Jennifer Rene ft. Ronski Speed - Into The Sky (Original Mix)_Remastered
Jennifer Rene
Ronski Speed
Speed Boy Single:
Нормальные люди 1 января обычно гуляют или трезвеют.
А я внезапно вспомнила, что ...

Петя Королевский
Всем привет! Самый большой набор по фильму Batman V Superman | Лего Диси Супер Герои 76046 П ...
Beautiful radiant night sky drawing on krita..made by a wacom tablet in 1 hour..This is my last drawing of 2016 :(..this year gave me so many amazi...
I made a painting of the night sky! Please like this video and subscribe it would mean so much to me! Also leave me comments, what do you want me t...
Draw A Plane in the night sky in a open vector editor Inkscape
The work took 40 minutes time. Subscribe to the channel, put likes and wait for new ...
Music: I hate you,I love you
Speed of unibike Sky Way

Компания Rail Skyway Systems Ltd (СТЮ — Струнный Транспорт Юницкого)
предос ...
254.958 km/h sur des skis, c'est signé Ivan Origone, c'est le nouveau record du monde de ski de vitesse réalisé à Vars (France, Hautes-Alpes) sur l...
Painting a landscape with mule deer along the mountains with a beautiful sky.
Win a free art print:
My website: h...

Some people were curious how I made clouds.
Unfinished product:

Speedriding is a booming new extreme sport mixing freeride skiing, parachuting and paragliding, mostly on steep and inaccessible terrains for freer...
#speeeeed #speed #fast #weather #clouds #wind #sky #almaty #city #almatycity #almaty_city #скорость #погода #ветер #алматы #тучи #облака #небо

Art Prints are available here:
This painting turned out WAY different than what I originally planned. It's very...
Chris Massey, behind Fallacy, makes two attempts at the World Water Ski Racing Speed Record.
The first run, Chris falls at the end skiing at 143.08...

Sorry, the recording cut off and was broken after this clip, so there's no further content of the rest of the recording.
View the finished product ...
Ночное небо нарисованное акварелью. Потраченное время: ~30 мин.
Пишите свои комментарии и что ещё вы хотите что бы я нарисовала. Я нарисовала это для моего папы.

Night Sky with Watercolor. Original time: ~30 min.
Write in comments your questions and what else you want me to paint. This painting I did for my dad.

Music provided by Free Songs To Use.
Defqwop - Into the Ether

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BeamNG Drive Sky Jumping - High Speed Crashes Insane Jumps and Crazy stunts

No "Real" Vehicles or "People" were harmed in the making of this film....
How to paint a Colorful Watercolor Starry Night Sky Art