Cry to me
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“This part is so sounds like hes singing it to a fan😭😭 it makes me cry all the time”
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When your baby leaves you all alone
And nobody calls you on the phone
Don't ya feel like cryin', don't ya feel like cryin'
Well, here I am honey, c'mon, you cry to me

When you're all alone in your lonely room
And there's nothing but the smell of her perfume
Don't ya feel like cryin', don't ya feel like cryin'
Don't ya feel like cryin', c'mon, c'mon, you cry to me

Nothin' can be sadder than a glass of wine alone
Loneliness, loneliness, such a waste of time, oh yeah
You don't ever have to walk alone, oh you
#kpop #vixx #nnnnn #ken #hongbin #hyuk #leo #ravi
#kpop #vixx #hyuk #ken #nnnnn #hongbin #leo #ravi
Adorably funny ^.^ (So you don't want to dance. But you do want to wrestle)
.....Alicia Vikander as Gaby
.....Armie Hammer as Illya

The Man from ...
Patrick Swayze e Jennifer Grey dança para Solomon Burke "Cry to Me" em Dirty Dancing.lindo
Cry to Me - Dirty Dancing

When your baby leaves you all alone
And nobody calls you on the phone
Ah, don't you feel like crying?
Don't you feel like crying?
Well here I am my...
His best known song. (1962)

Solomon Burkes "Cry to me" performed by a very young Stones group
Edit for headphones. Norway 1965 footage. Dubbed video. "Cry to me", from the album "Out Of Our Heads" 1965. One of the most soulfull sung ballads ...
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The OFFICIAL VIDEO for "Cry To Me" by SKIP. Available for download on iTunes

Distributed globally by Tuff Gong Intern...
Skip Marley (Cedella Marley Son)
The OFFICIAL VIDEO for "Cry To Me" by SKIP. Available for download on iTunes

Tuff Gong International

Marc Broussard & Joe Stark talk about their song "Cry to Me" and play it live at the Meteor Guitar Gallery in Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas.

Music video by The Koi Boys performing Cry To Me. (C) 2016 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.
Precious Wilson "Cry To Me" 【高画質 HD 1080p】
プレシャス・ウィルソン 「クライ・トゥ・ミー」
[Lyrics to "Cry To Me"]

When your baby leaves you all alone
And nobody calls you on the phone

Don't you feel like you're crying

Hello World! Happy Friday! My newest music video is a #FBF themed cover song of the late and great Soloman Burke's soulful "Cry To Me" that made its debut on the charts back in 1962. The 1960s is absolutely my favorite decade of music, and this song is such a classic! And who can't forget the amazing scene from "Dirty Dancing" when Johnny took Baby into his arms while this song was playing in the background?! I hope you will all enjoy my rendition of this old school hit. If so, please don't forget to leave

Hope you all think its alright!
Sam Dean - Cry to me Solomon Burke Cover
Dirty Dancing
Acoustic Cover
Plum Nellie
Сольный концерт Галины Коротаевой в стиле Classical crossover
30 ноября 2016
В концерте прин...
Запись звука сделана с линейного выхода. Проигрывающее устройство Beston 6000 Full Automatic. Усилитель Loewe 6392 HIFI Sound Project, фонокорректор встроенный.
Видео скачано отсюда:
Soon to be known simply as "Skip," Skip Marley is the son of Cedella Marley, grandson of Bob and Rita Marley and grand-nephew of Marcia Griffiths. ...
Skip Marley "Cry To Me" -- {Official Music Video [HD]} -(2015)- REGGAE / DANCEHALL
Programme website: Birmingham born Brooklynne hits the stage to perform Solomon Burke’s classic ‘Cry To Me’, throwing h...

Группа в «Вконтакте»:

Автор - ValenTi

Режиссер - Александр Романов

Камера - Константин Макаров

Монтаж - Романов Александр
Dub Remix By:
Stephen "Ragga" Marley

Remix Video Produced By:

Remix Video Edited By:

Album №75
"BluesMen Channel"
Quote: "the Blues decides in whom to settle..."

Dirty Dancing Love Scene
On en a toutes rêvé en secret ;))

Эйми Энн Даффи. 23 июня 1984.Нефин, Гвинед, Уэльс.
. В феврале 2009 года Даффи получила три награды Brit Awards: как лучшая певица года, за альбом Rockferry (шестикратный платиновый диск) и как открытие года.
Pixie Lott -- 'Nasty' bundle featuring 'Cry To Me (Live At The Pool)' out March 9th
Pre-order the Physical and Digital Bundle here:


Music video by Pixie Lott performing Cry To Me. (C) 2014 Mercury Records Limited
Escena de la pelicula Dirty Dancing

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During the 55 years that he performed professionally, Burke released 38 studio albums on at least 17 record labels and had 35 singles that charted in the US, including 26 singles that made the Billboard R&B charts. In 2001, Burke was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a performer. His album Don't Give Up on Me won the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album at the 45th Grammy Awards in 2003. By 2005 Burke was credited with selling 17 million albums. Rolling Stone ranked Burke as #89 on i
Music video by Kristen Kelly performing He Loves To Make Me Cry. (C) 2012 Sony Music Entertainment

Download "He Loves To Make Me Cry" on iTunes:
When your baby, leaves you all alone,
And nobody, calls you on the phone,
Don't you feel like crying, don't you feel like crying,
Well here I am m...
Watch the OFFICIAL VIDEO for Skip Marley's "Cry To Me" Ricky Mears Remix, that hit #1 on charts!

Download the original track here:
Добавил админ: Адмирал Хот-Дог
Anime: Naruto
Song: Bring Me Back to Life
Ht Bristol
Devil May Cry - (Game Music Video/2013)
Game - Devil May cry 4
Music - Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
The Cure: Boys don't cry + Close to Me (3ème rappel) à l'Accor Hotel Arena, Paris Bercy le 15 novembre 2016.
Why You Leave Me To Cry - Sleepy Wonder.
Label: No Choice Music Group/BMG Chrysalis
Album: Corporate Greed
Director: Shawn Church
Executive Produce...
"I still sometimes feel like a loser. It's crazy, 'cos it's like we're at the Garden, but I still feel like a loser kid in high school. Sometimes I still feel like people are trying to destroy me... I cannot be destroyed and I will not be destroyed. And you will never destroy the kingdom that is my fans,"

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From the album: Cry To Me River

I believe most people need a thorough "ear cleansing" before they can truly appreciate the wonders of classic music. This is one of those songs that, if you manage to comprehend fully, you're probably one notch better at savouring a classic orchestra. Like the music from the Shen Yun Performing Arts show.

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Heyyyy guys, SORRY I TOOK SOO LONG TO UPLOAD THIS REACTION. I know a lot of you were waiting for my reaction, so HERE IT IS! I hope you guys enjoy it, LOVE YOU!!!

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The new Remix from Peter La Haye & martha 'Cry to me' is a great R & B, Pop, Soul Song''A''album cover of Solomon Burke from the movie Dirty Dancing This track is spontaneously after singer Peter La Haye Martha heard him singing in the studio. And did a duet with Martha would sound fantastic. Peter immediately arranged a new arrangement of''Cry to me''in collaboration with Jeroen Rosbeek (guitarist). This Remix is''hope''by his diverse musical influences a broad audience score! And can be downloaded on var
Recorded live at Garage Studios, South Shields.

John Moreland
You Don't Care for Me Enough to Cry &
I Need You To Tell Me Who I Am
Lincoln Theatre - American Aquarium "Wolves" cd release:
Night Two
Raleigh, NC
the cure nog een keer , een ouwe video uit 1986 van de tv programma countdown nederlands tv

they are performing bdc & close to me
EDub Remix By:
Ricky Mears

Remix Video Produced By:

Remix Video Edited By:

"Cry To Me" Original is now available for download on iTunes

Distributed globally by Tuff Gong International
Thank you so much for watching!! It means the world to me. ♥
Thumbs up if you enjoyed the video ;D
Solomon Burke and the Souls Alive Orchestra perform Cry To Me at the Long Beach Blues Festival.
Country: Ukraine | Year: 2004 | Genre: Folk/Black Metal

CD (Digipack with bonus track) available here:

Digital Album available here:
Booking +79111230766 Михаил

Janette & Aljaz dance to Bocelli's "Don't cry for me Argentina" - Strictly Come Dancing

Blind Auditions 1 | 09.01.2016 | BBC One

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Two opening numbers Sunday 13 June 1971, Melbourne Town Hall.
Released as 'Aztecs Live' - concert available on CD from Aztec Music
Third track al...
If you ever want to make me cry, legit show me this video. I will tear up. I'm crying as I type this because of aLL THE FUCKING PASSION GERDAD HAS for his music. It's fucking INCREDIBLE. I want to experience this song live SO bad

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I hated doing this.

Game: Devil May Cry 4
Artist: Evanescence
Song: Bring me to Life
Выступление кавергруппы Alice Cry в Туле в пабе Harat's.
Official page:

PRECIOUS WILSON is one of the pioneers of the UK black music revolution of the 1970s...
Original is "Fly me to the Moon"
Skip Marley sings the latin version of his premier track "Cry To Me", mixed by KUSTOM MIKE.

Download the original version now, available on iTunes:

Tuff Gong International 2015
I'm sure this is already out there floating around in the ether. It's worth checking out for the utter disdain the band is showing having to mime ...
"Cry to me" Solomon Burke -Rocco&Claudia- Dirty Cha cha
Solomon Burke - Cry To Me (Later with Jools Holland Dec '02)
Billy Thorpe -великолепный музыкант, мало известный в России.
Билли Торп (1946-2007) нашел себя в группе 'The Aztecs', которая в 60-70-х годах считалась едва ли не главной рок-группой всего Зеленого континента.
С 'The Aztecs' Торп оставался до конца 70-х, состав группы не был однородным, постоянно меняясь. Впрочем, в тот период он писал и сольные альбомы - в 1975-м вышел очень удачный его проект 'Million Dollar Bill'.
Билли перебрался в Штаты , где записал несколько концептуальных альбомов.
В 1979-м вышла его рок-опера 'Children of the Sun', попавшая в рейтинги 'Billboard Pop Album chart' в США и в 'Top 50' в Австралии.
В 90-х годах вновь сформировал рок-группу под названием 'Billy Thorpe Band'.
После большого перерыва, в 2007 году, Билли собрался с выпуском своего очередного сольного альбома, который, к сожалению, стал его последней пластинкой. Билли Торп умер от инфаркта 28 февраля 2007 года.
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Dark demented tune with some breakcore element!

Piano tutorial for beginners: Learn how to play JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - CRY ME A RIVER on piano.
• Sheet music: | Mor...

Blue Jackson & Billy C. Farlow - Dont cry to me
by Вячеслав Мищенко
Taken from his album Soul Searchin' which is available now -

Skip Marley graced Miami with a few performances at Dubwise Miami in Coyo Taco.
In 1991 I played keyboards and toured with Darby Mills and the Unsung Heroes. Here is the video for 'Cry to Me' from the CD 'Never Look Back'.