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Премия Effie Awards Ukraine отмечает эффективные кампании во всем спектре товаров и услуг — от товаров массового спроса до финансовых услуг и имиджа корпораций.

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«Отлично, работаем дальше»
Вот такие любвеобильные 😍💋Малая у нас, не даёт грустить. Люблю её 😄❤️ #солнышко🌞 #люблюее❤️ #моя
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Миссия выполнена😎Поздравили любимую @linaa_may с днём рождения!) Солнышко, будь счастлива! Мы тебя любим!) #др#любим#тылучшая❤
Наконец-то #снег❤️❄️😍Дождалась. #зимапришла❄️
Vine by cook and effy
Сладость.😍🌺Очень милая🙃#солнышко#валечка💞
[vid info:]
Effy and Freddie's relationship isn't the most perfect at times, but they do love each other and it's undeniable. Effy looks back on the past few years, wishing that she could go back in time to when her and Freddie just met, so that maybe, she could do it all again in hopes of not failing.

enjoooooooooooooooy x

[song used:]
Coldplay - The Scientist

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Major Lazer feat. Wild Belle – Be Together
I did this in a short amount of time and I liked how it turned out. I tried to combine Skins Fire and Rise but it's my first time trying it so plea...

❝They say that time's supposed to heal ya, but I ain't done much healing.❞
watch in hd.

i own nothing but the editing.
song: At the end of the...

Character(s) - Lip Gallagher & Ian Gallagher + Effy Stonem
Fandom(s) - Shameless + Skins
Song - Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars

Okay, so I know th...

"Открываю глаза и нет тут тебя. Нет тут тебя."


FANDOM: Skins/Молокососы (2 поколе ...
This is my first job at YouTube and I decided to devote for Kaya, because she's my favorite actress.
P.S. background I do not really tried, sorry...
In this classic Skins clip Cook accepts Effy's list of challenges on the first day of college and kicks it off with a bang and sets fire to Sid's old locker. For classic Skins moments and exclusive YouTube content make sure you subscribe to our Official YouTube Channel - http://bit.ly/OhaqqS

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uuugh, this's a little gift for me after I passed the history exam (:


Fandom: Skins
Character: Effy Stomen
Song: Teen Idle (c) Marina & the diamonds (c)
Sony Vegas Pro 10
Watch in 720p!
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After learning that she can no longer have children, Katherine goes out and get's into a fight: (http://goo.gl/bkiBfV) Effy finds her to calm her d...
Noize mc - кошка
посвящается Keya1191)
просто люблю.
My two favorite characters (besides Tony... and Chris... and Jal... kay, pretty much the cast of seasons 1 &2).

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Sectio...
idek what is it, or how to feel about it.
so say smth?

coloring: #3 (xmariaxtutorialsx)
music: florence & the machine - seven devils (kraddy remix)
« You did not break me; I'm still fighting for peace. »

» Program: Sony Vegas Pro 11
» Coloring: -
» Song: google the lyrics or PM me.
» Fan...
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Dedicated to my ceffy girl, Elena (psprayboom). Espero que te guste ésto. Desde hace mil años quiero dedicarte un ceffy, y por fin ...

sup babes. so i was randomly looking through my unlisted videos and i came across a almost finished preview of this video...
Song: Bedouin Soundclash – Brutal Hearts
Movies: Friend Request, Skins, Fear the Walking Dead, True love
Please watch in HD, small screen.

It's not exactly the way I've seen it in my head, but ok. I I screwed up, it happens.
I've been making this vid...

I haven't made a video for these two in soooooo long! almost 2 ye...
Heey guys! =D Sorry for spamming you w/ vids lately, but I couldn't help myself; I'm way too inspired @ the moment! =D Haha anyways; this is my ent...
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And it's sick that all these battles, are what keeps me satisfied.
- Cook & Effy

I just really wanted to remake this one.

Finally got a new laptop and can now make videos again :D This is the first video I've made in a few months and the first Skins video I've ever mad...

Fandom: Harry Potter & SKINS
Pairing: Fred Weasley and Effy Stonem
Song: Losing your Memory by Ryan Star

Fred Weasley has always had a crush...
Мобільна студія радіо Аристократи на Effie Awards 2016.
Київстар відкриває доступ на Це...
[vid info:]
just really love this song and thought of Effy and how versatile she is as a character in the way she chooses whether to put up her wal...
В фильме показана история брака 17-летней Эффи Грей с английским писателем, художником, теоретиком искусства, Джоном Рёскином. В течение пяти лет после свадьбы Эффи оставалась девственницей, потому что у ее мужа было отвращение к ней. Разочаровавшись в муже, Эффи влюбилась в художника Джона Милле и впоследствии вышла за него замуж.
Skins - Series 3 - Episode 10
I wanna dedicate this to xheartunderfire, because it was her amazing video:
that made me watch this mov...
This is a completely random idea.
Coloring: xellerina
Song: London Summers - Vall...
“I'm officially off the rails. You should try it."
watch in hd + small screen.

i own nothing but the editing.
coloring: LoveSucksManiac
Watch in 720P HD
"I thought I could keep up, but I can't. I don't know what i'm doing..."
This is my first video.
enjoy. x
Fandom: Skins

Are you insane like me? ♪

Caraculoo! Ueee, el enano se hace un año más viejo! Feeeeeliz Cumpleeee :D :D
Que ya te lo he dicho todo, solo ...

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» Art is not what i create, what I create is chaos
► Coloring: Mine
► Fandom: Skins

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[HD please ♥]
"you've got a warm heart, you've got a beautiful brain
but it's disintagrating,
form all the medecine."

I realized i never vid Eff...
[vid info:]
all they ever wanted was each other - even when they tried to find replacements, Effy and Freddie still wound up wanting each other and...

I know: this song is so overused. But I'm still obsessed with it and I was feeling inspired, so...

Yes, Freffy video. Even though I'm more of a Ce...
I came up with this video's idea while I was in my way to school, I like to hear music as much as I can, and this song has sticked with me haha.
I hope you all like it xx

hd+earphones! ♥ {for the best quality}

It was in 2011 when I first watched Skins, and after 5 years, it still hurts.
I rewatched the third and the fourth season this week and I couldn't help myself; so I edited this video - instead of studying my exams of course. xD
Sorry for the glitches - it took 2 hours to render this project, and I am unpatient to render it again.

Hope you enjoy!♥

Lately I haven't inspiration to make videos I have a lot of projects but I can't finish them.
Finally I managed to do video I'm not glad of this video but I wanted upload something new;).
This is my third video about this epic couple I still love this two:). I used very overused song but I love it:).

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tv show: skins (2 generation)

New Fandom! I just love Skins, and i really miss gen 1 - 2! Hope you like it!


I See Fire, Lost video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh0vQM9ZCJY

Styling + painting with acrylic spray

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Видео HNG Porn. Новинки гей порно каждый день! Гей видео! Гей секс! Гей знакомства! Гей фото!
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🅰 [Gay Hoopla] Muscle Fuck: Sean Costin FUCKS Bobby Effy (Part 2)
🅱 Sean Costin, Bobby Effy
🆕 November 11, 2016
I do not own any of these clips.

Its not the best and it took me days to do but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway because I think this song is perfect for these two and they are by far my favorite characters.
Hope you enjoy it :)

HD ...Приятного просмотра ))Жду комментариев )
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Yes am alive and nop I wont stop making videos lol.I know its been long but I started this vid about 2 months ago and I just finished it!!Dont know...
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Finally out! It was a pure pleasure to buy one of the best tunes in 2012! Ozo Effy strikes with this stunning, Uplifting to the max tune. It just blew me away. Piano breakdown is marvellous... This is exactly what I expect from Uplifting Trance this year! Crystal and original melody :)
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This is my entry for the Hogwarts Contest. In this round we were supposed to vid an overused song and this was clearly one of them! I just had to vid it :p
We also chose to link our entries through one vidders colorings. We all decided to pick a coloring we liked personally to add to our video to give it the right feel and everything. So here's my attempt :D I spent three days on this video and I am so happy with the result myself!

The most personal t

#skinsgeneration2 #skinsgeneration1 #skins #skinsuk #kayascodelario #effy #effystonem #effystonemvideo #effyskins
This style of editing is new to me, so I'm sorry if it's a bit weird haha. I really liked how this turned out.
I hope you all like it and happy hol...

song: arctic monkeys - do i wanna know?
My favorite characters in Skins! I'm sure everybody loves them,cause they were besties and phenomenal female characters. Especially Effy.
I'm stil...
이사배의 사배샵에 오신 것을 환영합니다. ^^
매일 밤 9시 ~ 12시까지 메이크업 방송 많은 시청 바랍니다.

방송 ...
Please watch in HD!

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••­­ ...

Effies head Paralyzed (OST Hilary Swank Bruse Payne)
Effy is in love, Wolfgang is suicidal, and the world is ending.

Directed by:

Effy as Effy Kawira
Wolfgang as Conner Evert
In commemoration of the new SKINS FIRE being released, we've decided to put together a compilation of best scenes between Skins couple Freddie and ...

A video about Effy and Freddie over the course of series 3 and 4 and the trials their relationship has gone through. After watching Freddie and Eff...

HD 720p for the best quality, I say it for you!

''You'll never change what's been and gone...''

OMG, finally it's here! I've had a little glitch ...
❝I'm tired of being careful, tiptoe, trying to keep the water warm;❞

i own nothing but the editing.
song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFU_...
"I know that you've got daddy issues, and I do to."
hd + small screen pretty please

trash i was working on earlier
probably gonna do a bellamy + ...

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I couldn't tell you why she felt that way,
She felt it everyday.
And I couldn't help her,
I just watched her make the same mistakes again.

What's ...

ok guys so here's a tribute of effy in 03x10. why this episode only? bc i accidentally deleted all my skins videos and i was a bit bored and annoye...

фрагменты с Эффи из 3 сезона 8 серия,приятного просмотра❤
hope you enjoy x x
beccas video, it's fabbb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqJZiwhxck0&list=UUc1FcGaSorH6bS9eohKAM9A
#generation2 #skins #effystonem #effy #effyskins #kayascodelario #freddie #lukepasqualino #freffy #ceffy #jackoconnell #cookskins #jamescook
A Kizomba video I've made in the streets of Paris with Yami & St'Effy
Music : C4 Pedro : Casamento / Stony : Danca Kizomba
Choregraphy : Yami & St'...
I do not own this song or these videos.

After watching the Hunger Games in theatres, I fell in love with Effie Trinket's nail art during the reaping. It's such an elegant and glamours loo...
Please watch in HD for better quality.

song: Marina & The Diamonds - Teen Idle
show: Skins
character: Effy Stonem (Kaya Scodelario)

"Maybe that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano"
"You make me wanna die..."

Effy's my favourite character so I decided to make a video about her, her life and her feelings.

Series: Skins UK

For my psychology project I'm covering Psychotic Depression, so I decided to vid Effy. However, this is NOT a Freffy/Ceffy vid, nor is this a chara...

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This is the 1st video i made about Effy and her storyline during season 1
I really love Effy, she's one of my favourite characters and i love makin...

My favorite Effy moments
Music: Joy Division - She's lost control
All scenes from Skins (UK), season 1-7

Heey Guys, me again =D Like I said, MANY vids are waiting to be uploaded the next days & thanks to my inspiration =D But now to the vid xDDD

Effy becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol, making her have bad trips which leads her to try and commit suicide to escape. Freddie finds her and ca...
please watch in 720p! :)


Will you still love me
When I got nothing but my aching soul?
I know you will, I know you will...

It's not about destination, it's about the journ...

Effy from Skins. All Clips are from S03E01 to S03E05. Music "She's So Lovely" by Scouting for Girls.