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Fandom: Skins
Njomza – Ridin Solo (ARVFZ Remix)
#skinsgeneration2 #freddie #lukepasqualino #skins #skinsuk #kayascodelario #effy #effystonem #effyskins #freffy #katiefitch #katie #meganprescott
by Nazar Drakhenberg

by Кирилл Корнеев
#skinsgeneration2 #skinsgeneration1 #skins #skinsuk #kayascodelario #effy #effystonem #effystonemvideo #effyskins
#skinsgeneration2 #skinsgeneration1 #skins #skinsuk #kayascodelario #effy #effystonem #effystonemvideo #effyskins
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"I thought I could keep up, but I can't. I don't know what i'm doing..."
This is my first video.
enjoy. x
Fandom: Skins
"why don't you speak, effy?
does anybody ask you why?
it must mean something.
doesn't anybody care?"

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2 Likes, 1 Comments - Effy (@effy_kinney) on Instagram: “And you picked me up, like you did 10 years ago, like you always do. Thank you for such ...
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«Why won't you speak, Effy ?»

I don't know what I did at all. I was boring and tired and I did this. I was j...
So I saw these two and just couldn't get the idea of them being sisters out of my mind.
I think the plot is understandable, at least I hope it is a...
It's been almost a year since I made this video, and now looking back on it I hate it haha, I will try to re-make it b...

Effy goes to Fred's shed to tell him she wants to be with him, only to walk in on him and Katie making out.

The music is Fatboy slim - right here right now
Only strong Effy Stonem without her flashes of weak personality. Just the best ...
This is my first Skins-related fanvid. I own NOTHING. All copyrights go to their respectful owners. Song: Mad World(cover) by Alex Parks

Oh and...
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This is how I see Effy - undecided, lacking the ability to trust anyone, lonesome in her own mind.

& I swear it looked ...

Skins - Effy Stonem
music - Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High)
I couldn't tell you why she felt that way,
She felt it everyday.
And I couldn't help her,
I just watched her make the same mistakes again.

What's ...
||Artista: Halsey||

||Canción: Colors||

||Album: Badlands||


Tarde.. pero aquí está. Lo llevaba por la mitad unas semanas antes de tu cumple, pero hasta esta semana no he podido volver a coger el pc. Es...
❝They say that time's supposed to heal ya, but I ain't done much healing.❞
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i own nothing but the editing.
song: At the end of the...
I did this in a short amount of time and I liked how it turned out. I tried to combine Skins Fire and Rise but it's my first time trying it so plea...

idk what this is.It is a combination of skins and Emanuel and the truth about fishes
IT is sort of an experiment which I sort of like Its just not...

I'm sorry but it's the 2017 brazilian summer hit and i'm obsessed.
There's more videos coming, still this week. Sorry.

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"Old habits are hard to let go of".

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Listen or...
by Евгения Потапова

#skinsgeneration2 #skinsgeneration1 #skins #skinsuk #kayascodelario #effy #effystonem #effystonemvideo #effyskins


Sorry for my english, I'm French ;)

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Spoilers for 7x01.
Okay. I feel like I'm in the minority in that I actually liked this episode. I was really surprised to s...
i've uploaded this so many times but the song keeps getting blocked so fuck it i changed the song and had to re-edit all the beats i can't even be ...
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'Maybe I'm too... busy being yours to fall for somebody new.'

Well, I know it's not my best work but I wa...
Effie Gray - Official Trailer (2015) Dakota Fanning, Emma Thompson Movie
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Surprisse prod.
I hope you like it *_*
Fandom: Riverdale, Skins
Song: Lana del Rey-West Coast
Coloring: mine
Program: SV11
Thanks for watching!♥
hd please :)

i've changed my nickname. It was 'sunny' and now it's 'prettyliar'. but old videos with eldest nickname 'sunny' are still on my chann...
Артикул: 335701 - 335706 Трусы-слипы Effie/Ginny/Aiza
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"Come on, Eff. I know you, you know me. We've dated. We've fucked in every sense of the word. We are Cook and Effy..."

My favorite characters in Skins! I'm sure everybody loves them,cause they were besties and phenomenal female characters. Especially Effy.
I'm stil...
Again I was bored and I came up with this. I really really liked the way this turned out, I feel proud of myself haha.
Every tim...
"This is dangerous. Cause I want you so much, but I hate your guts."

+Self harm warning+
hey guys! i know this isnt twd related but i really wanted to make an effy edit, and my friend cassidy encouraged me to make a edit with this song ...
HD is your best friend! ;)
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Informations at the end of the video.

"Tell me that you love me, even if it's fake....
I accidentally cut the last few seconds but am too lazy to upload it again. :p

SONG: Lykke Li - Until We Bleed (Mikael's Cello Version)

Наше новое видео для Princess. Love it
// E X P A N D F O R M O R E I N F O R M A T I O N //

please give it a thumbs up to show me you enjoyed this edit and you want me to make more :) ...
#skinsgeneration2 #skinsgeneration1 #skins #skinsuk #kayascodelario #effy #effystonem #effystonemvideo #effyskins
За этот рекламный шедевр компания BMW в 2016 году получила одну из самых престижных премий в сфере маркетинга.
#skinsgeneration1 #skinsgeneration2 #skins #skinsuk #michelle #aprilpearson #tony #nicholashoult #freddie #lukepasqualino #kayascodelario #effy #effystonem #effyskins #freffy
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well yeah here i am with ANOTHER collab! it seems that i can't finish anything by myself these days/weeks/months LOL but th...
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» Art is not what i create, what I create is chaos
► Coloring: Mine
► Fandom: Skins
Skins unseen effy pop skinsis season three
#effystonem #effy #effyskins #kayascodelario #ceffy #jackoconnell #cookskins #jamescook #skins #generation2
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Next up on Infrasonic is a new face to the stable in the form of Ozo Effy who lands with his latest ...
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song: Marina & The Diamonds - Teen Idle
show: Skins
character: Effy Stonem (Kaya Scodelario)
my second video, i worked on it all the night and i really like it *-*
Effy is not my favourite character and i don't like her so much, but in S4...
#skinsgeneration2 #skinsgeneration1 #skins #skinsuk #kayascodelario #effy #effystonem #effystonemvideo #effyskins #naomi #naomicampbell #lilyloveless
I almos forgot that today was friday and didn't post a video... sorry :D but here it is... enojy ;)

Yes I have to change the song but i'm gonna li...

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Finally got a new laptop and can now make videos again :D This is the first video I've made in a few months and the first Skins video I've ever mad...

Two very talented dancers from Paris, France, Yami & St'Effy perform LIVE at the 2nd International San Francisco Got Kizomba Festival. March 2013


[vid info:]
Effy is a bit of a crazy-good-gone-bad-girl that needs to sort her life out - but not before going through ups and downs, especially wh...
[vid info:]
Cook and Effy haven't had the easiest run in the time they have known each other: with Cook constantly loving her too much, and Effy be...

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⇣ read descriptio...

I know: this song is so overused. But I'm still obsessed with it and I was feeling inspired, so...

Yes, Freffy video. Even though I'm more of a Ce...
Another video of Effy, from the TV show Skins. Song is "In The Drugs" by Low. Clips from seasons 1 up to season 3 episode 8.

Lyrics for the so...

[HD please ♥]
"you've got a warm heart, you've got a beautiful brain
but it's disintagrating,
form all the medecine."

I realized i never vid Eff...

"I know I've only felt religion when I've lied with you.."

It has been almost a month without uploading n...

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"don't belong to no city, don't belong to no man"

HD is good for you health!

literally every halsey song is perfect for effy/skins. this didn't t...
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Yesterday I uploaded a little thing with these two - I edited that for a challenge, you can watch it here...

Just love this amazing track !!!
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1) Young Thug - Constantly Hating (Feat. Birdman)
2) The XX - Crystalised
3) hindan - go v kosmos
4) timmiej - without u
5) Childish Gambino ...
Ozo Effy - Endless World (Original Mix) [Music Video] [HD]
Hd's better.

"It's just irrelevant"

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purp...
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I know you love Effy;) And by this, I made you this gift. Song hope you like it)
Maybe we're not very familiar with, bu...
Ozo Effy - Oceania (Hydrogenio Remix)
This is a completely random idea.
Coloring: xellerina
Song: London Summers - Vall...

please watch in 720p! :)
WARNING! contains a lot of flashes and fast editing! if you don't like that, please don't watch.

UGH, this video hurts...
Lol, thats kinda hot if you ask me. =p

Skins - Series 3 - Episode 10
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This is inspired by Kaya Scodelario as Effy. I'm...

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Oh boy, some of you are gonna hate me for this. I promised two friends that I'd vid Freffy. Im making three videos, one for each part of the triang...
#skinsgeneration2 #skinsgeneration1 #skins #skinsuk #kayascodelario #effy #effystonem #effystonemvideo #effyskins #spencer #tompayne
From the album "Spectrum of the Sky", available on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/10ThQ6c

Break of Reality performs "The Accidental Death of Effie". R...
Sorry guys... I been busy this week and couldn't finished any of the videos that I've started but I didn't want to let you without a video this wee...
[vid info:]
just really love this song and thought of Effy and how versatile she is as a character in the way she chooses whether to put up her wal...

Effy Stonem
fandom: skins
song: drake-furthest thing
coloring: mine
program: sv11

Download on Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1NM9tAH
Dwonload on iTunes: http://apple.co...
As Effy's Mum is away from the house, Freddie is invited over for some fun.

For classic Skins moments and exclusive YouTube content make sure you ...
St'Effy & Val'R new SYS CREW members dancing on Shape of You !
#proud #syscrew

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Ozo Effy trio from St. Petersburg return to Suanda with their new single 'Olivia'.

Ozo Effy known for their stylish Epic Trance sound, so the guys...

"we've got a lot in common, me and you."

song: beautiful crime by tamer
coloring: critical banshee (edited)

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 10...
In commemoration of the new SKINS FIRE being released, we've decided to put together a compilation of best scenes between Skins couple Freddie and ...

"stiles: how did you do that?
effy: why don't you just imagine it never happend?
stiles: why?
effy: because i'll brea...
{we say goodbye in the pouring rain;
and i break down as you walk away}

song: stay
artist: hurts

they were so perfect. why. why. why.

A Kizomba video I've made in the streets of Paris with Yami & St'Effy
Music : C4 Pedro : Casamento / Stony : Danca Kizomba
Choregraphy : Yami & St'...
☆ "Love, love, love - what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!"

I don´t know. I just feel so sad again and I love this character, so nothing m...
#skinsgeneration2 #skinsgeneration1 #skins #skinsuk #kayascodelario #effy #effystonem #effystonemvideo #effyskins
Enjoying making these, even if i am really rubbish at it. Effy Stonem from the show skins. The song is Mad World by Gary Jules. Again just for ente...
ok guys so here's a tribute of effy in 03x10. why this episode only? bc i accidentally deleted all my skins videos and i was a bit bored and annoye...
I decided to make this video because I discovered this song last week and also because Effy is my favorite character of all time. You can ask me to...
#skinsgeneration2 #skinsgeneration1 #skins #skinsuk #kayascodelario #effy #effystonem #effystonemvideo #effyskins
For my psychology project I'm covering Psychotic Depression, so I decided to vid Effy. However, this is NOT a Freffy/Ceffy vid, nor is this a chara...
The Original Gabber – Pump That Puzzy
St'Effy & Val'R are new members of SYS CREW !

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A video about Effy and Freddie over the course of series 3 and 4 and the trials their relationship has gone through. After watching Freddie and Eff...
Watch in 720P HD
You asked me for more Effy video
enjoy. x
Fandom: Skins
Character: Effy Stonem
idek what is it, or how to feel about it.
so say smth?

coloring: #3 (xmariaxtutorialsx)
music: florence & the machine - seven devils (kraddy remix)
Watch in HD, some clips are in bad quality bc i couldn't find season 4 in 720p or higher! I would upload it yesterday but my birthday was yesterday...
Watch in HD please :) Hope you like it ! :)

So I was SO disappointed with skins. I was hopping for Ceffy to meet again , I miss them so freaking ...
So the idea is Cook and Effy met in a night club 2 years after they left high school. They both are in a relationship but they start remember their...
#skinsgeneration2 #skinsgeneration1 #skins #skinsuk #kayascodelario #effy #effystonem #effystonemvideo #effyskins
"I just wanna know when did you get so cold? What happened to your soul? Don't you see me?"

Read plot because fuck it's hard to make a believable ...

All content belongs to E4, not me.


welcome back after a year since i've uploaded anything aka. the worst year of my life. thank you e...
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Next up on Infrasonic is a new face to the stable in the form of Ozo Effy who lands wi...
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The song Big Girls Cry by Sia with images from Skins.