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📺 Смотри любимые сериалы в день выхода:

Как обычно Бэм и его друзья в поисках приключений, в этот раз Бэм в поисках реального Санта Клауса, как рождественский подарок для своей жены, и в пути в Лапландию (та же Финляндия) они сталкиваются с кучей приключений, крейзят и забавляются не по-детски, ... одним словом придурки.
Bam Margera New Skateboarding 2018 Бэм Марджера [КАТАРСИС!]
Все видео тут:
Bam is back in the spotlight for a bit following a fricking rad webcast that he did with his boys Red Mohawk and Joe DeVito. You may know Joe as th...
Bam Margera goes on how he had to suffer through snakes in order to fly out from Florida (at the Jackass 3 shooting) to come to HIM's first stop in...
He said at the beginning "let bygones be bygones" so what ever happened, all is forgiven, it seems.

"Не будем теребить прошлое, что было, то прошло. Эта песня посвящается всем присутствующим здесь сегодня Марджерам. Я, надеюсь не только от своего имени, но и от имени всех здесь присутствующих, благодарю вас за всю помощь, что вы нам когда-либо оказывали, за все те сумасшедшие ночи, потрясающие дни, и все остальное. Особенно за подарки, сделанные своими руками. И да, они инфернально легендарны, как и всегда." (перевод: ANKH 18+)
Песня: Rojden - моя душа рваная
Epicly Later'd - Bam Margera (September 6, 2017)
credit to ANKH 18+
Bam margeras new band evesdroppers and his new song gods ocean
Bam Margera talks about his four month long skate trip in Spain
Bam Margera shredding in Philly's FDR skate park
Videos from Activision and Neversoft PS2 game "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3".
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Bam Margera Andy McCoy – Bite It You Scum – 14.7.2016 On The Rocks, Helsinki, Finland

Hanoi Rocks' songwriter and guitar player Andy McCoy performed GG Allin classic Bite It You Scum with Bam Margera (Jackass) and Nicky Rothen (Flesh Roxon) at On The Rocks in Helsinki, Finland on Thursday 14th of July 2016.

Bam Margera resides currently in Helsinki, Finland to finalize a documentary movie called Earth Rocker about Andy McCoy, one of the last living rockstars of our time.

For more info on the Earth Rocker project, visit
Бэм Марджера возвращается в скейтбординг в 2017
by Sergey Шангин

Он конечно потолстел с тех времен, когда мы смотрели программу Чудаки на MTV.
Heartbreaking interview shown on Fox News.. Bam Margera visits his best friend, Ryan Dunns, final stop.

This is a video of Bam Margera's reaction at the crash site where Ryan Dunn's death took place, R.I.P Ryan, you are true legend to many.

Facebook Fan Page -
At the crash site...very sad. :(

For anyone who grew up with these TV shows like me (Jackass, Viva La Bam, Bam's Unholy Union, Wild boyz etc) basically if you were born in the 90's then you probably feel the same way I feel...really sad by all of this. After all of the jackass stunts, seeing one of them killed in this way is horrific...and for some reason seeing Bam cry actually makes me sad...those two were best friends and Bams reaction is makes me feel for the guy. Please leave nice comment

The PLUP Case
making of "Life and death"
PLUP Ltd, Finland, directed Stefan Lindfors
musc: HIM - The Kiss Of Dawn
credit to Stefan Lindfors http:...
A music video I made in boredom of Valo - aka Bam Margera - in the 2003 film "Haggard". All footage from the movie. "Your Sweet Six Six Six" by HIM...
SONG: Eitherway- Trouble Andrew
FEATURING: Bam Margera, Michael Mackrodt and more;
FILMED BY: Thomas Winkler
EDIT BY: Bam Margera
#117 1/09/09 ...
Published on May 2, 2016

Bam Margera talks about how he got started and made a lasting impression on a generation of Jackasses
Filmed at the concert from FUCKFACE UNSTOPPABLE in "Viper Room" in Vienna/Austria on 16.7.2014!
We stripped down Bam's newest 10 minute edit to just the best skating and set it to a new CKY song for your viewing pleasure.
Take an inside look as Stylist Rikki Hixx and I talk candidly with Jackass's Brandon Novak and Bam Margera about fame and sobriety.
Check out some new 2018 Bam Margera skate footage mixed with a few funny new instagram clips!
Have a good one guys and enjoy this edit :)
New Music Video at !!!!! Download on iTunes !!!!!! Link in Bio !!!!!!!! Peace! Well Here is my first official music video and single that I produced and am most proud of! Thank you to @bam__margera for collaborating with me, being a genuine friend, and for allowing me to learn under you. Bam is one of the most intelligent creative people I have ever worked with in my life. Thanks to @carl_pannell for mastering this record and for your MASTERFADERS services. Thanks to @sinsouljahz for teaching me and developing me as an MC
Bam Margera takes the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to raise awareness for ALS.
Опубликовано: 13 мар. 2017 г.

Full Interview:
Filmed by: Thomas Winkle - 2017
Him Heartache Every Moment (Haggard Version) by Bam Margera
Bam Margera - Adio One Step Beyond '01
Music - HIM -- Sigillum Diaboli
young Bam Margera skating

bam margera, Matt Hoffman, and Tony Hawk performing their skills as fat people. song: Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back
Link to the full interview, definitely worth a watch:
bams latest video project which i can say will be 18+
The OFFICIAL video for Bam Margera's EVESDROPPERS Empty Vessel featuring new skate footage of Bam, Novak, Maurio McCoy, and Nick Barba
"I guess I would say, I've been working on this movie for at least 3 years. If anyone was wondering if I fell of the face of the earth when Ryan Du...
Jackass and Viva La Bam star Bam Margera gives us a tour of Castle Bam.


Дата загрузки: 18 янв. 2008 г.

Andreu Buenafuente entrevista a Bam Margera.
Бэм Марджера возвращается в Шушары для покорения Великой Шушарской рампы..но пр ...
Video Edit by: Joey Sinko ( )
We took some of Bam Margera's most me...
My hands and feet now need to soak in epsom salt!
Sasha Piven - OneSpivn Video Show

bam,bam margera,margera,парни,смешно,веселят людей,приколы с людьми,приколы над людьми,в городе,в троллейбусе,ЦУМ,шапик,паника,истерика,Isterika,команда,влог,паша микус,+100500
video sacado de el CKY4-The.latest.and.greatest es una paranoia montada por brandon y bam
Bam Margera - Cribs [КАТАРСИС!]
Видео взято тут:
Ville Valo & Bam Margera
Song: Cascada~Everytime
Full Interview:
Filmed by: Thomas Winkle - 2017
Stay up to date with EDEN on here (Facebook) (Vk) (Twitter...
produced by Christian Winthrop
HIM - Rarities Box Playlist:

Credits belongs to:
P.S.: Thank y...
Guess who's back?

That's right, Bam Margera! Here is the Jackass star skating again in 2017. It's great to see him back on his board and shredding...
Before he was world famous, Bam was a legend in the skateboard community. The drop-in carcass roll to start this part is too epic. Enjoy...

Keep u...


Мой Инстаграм:

Stay up to date with EDEN on here (Facebook) (Vk) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Last Fm) Service) (SoundCloud)

Inspired by Lacrimus Profundere and surprisingly Justin Beiber (his video was shot in Iceland at the same spots) this is 9 Lives by Bam's band The Evesdroppers.
Evesdroppers on this one are Bam, Mike Nappi, Jess Margera, and Chris Gordon, with Taylor Olde and guest vocals by Greta Hotmer.
Cinematography: Arvil Prewitt
Check the credits for all involved.

Album Preorder COMING SOON!!
Baker Deathwish Supra Pros Visit Bam's New Skatepark. Bryan Herman, Terrel Robinson, Neen Williams, Braydon Szafranksi, Maurio McCoy, Pat Rumney, Dustin Bell and some more!

Enjoy some gnar ness.

Shot by Geoff Ed and Mike Ryan
Song: Beer, Drugs & Bitches (Live) by Bam Margera as FuckFace Unstoppable (feat.Roddy Stone)

Video contains the latest Bam skate clips and footage from his upcoming movie (INeeded Time To Stay Useless or Earth Rocker, whatever he will actually call it when it actually comes out)
Love and self-destructive behavior... The story of Ville Valo and Bam Margera.
Music: Want by Recoil

#Чудаки #JackassTheMovie#CKY #Camp Kill Yourself #CampKillYourself #Ryan_Dunn #Jenn_Rivell #Brandon_DiCamillo #Bam_Margera #Rake_Yohn #Raab_Himself
Многие после стэндапа @spoontamer подходят к Киру @wonderkir и спрашивают, правдива ли история про синтезатор. В этом странном видео, вы можете его слышать и даже видеть. Не понимаю зачем записываю это видео, но оно для вас. Те кто ещё не слышал стэндап: это не спойлер. Те кто слышал поймут всё. 2014-2016. Он ещё жив. На нем до сих пор играет моя дочь.
Bamimation is a full unaired pilot cartoon animated show Bam Margera tried to have produced for MTV. The animation was done by 6PH Studios, and starred much of the CKY crew, including Bam, his parents April and Phil, Brandon DiCamillo, Ryan Dunn, and Rake Yohn, all providing their own voices.
After some needed personal health time in Estonia, Bam embarks on an extended skate trip to Spain. Joined by new friends and old he rediscovers the...
We had a day off from tour so we hit up Helicopter Ed and decided to film this rad music video in Slab City at the Salton Sea in middle of nowhere California in the desert.

"Evil Voices" OFFICIAL music video inspired by Tod Bechle of The Faint and Neil Fallon Of Clutch.

Thanks to Media Giraffes, Eagle Eye Films, Justin Jones, Adam Horn and everyone in production for making this happen.

Edited By Bam Margera
This is Bam Margera's Segment in the Element video Elementality

10-5-2010 Bam's post Jackass 3D party at the Note in West Chester Pa. Jess comes off the drums and the brothers sing together.
band cky, song Flesh Into Gear
He's back on his skateboard! Enjoy this Bam Margera Skateboarding Edit with his newest skate footage of 2017 and some clips from the last months!
Videos from Activision and Neversoft PS2 game "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4".
Bam Margera, legendary pro skater and star of Jackass, struggles to overcome substance abuse and the loss of his best friend as he works to make a ...
The 69 Eyes "Lost Boys"
Director: Bam Margera
Producer: Joe Frantz Riley Hawk Extra Flare Bam Margera Welcome Back To Element ...
"Moonshine" By Bam Margera's Fuckface Unstoppable Official Video.
Shot by Bam Ed And Geoff
Bam Margera - Sigillum Diaboli

Bam Margera is interviewed. Please Subscribe because there is more to come.
ann margera dance x3 @coub
Bam and Arvil filmed parts of this video while in Estonia.

Buy the full EVESDROPPERS album at

What better way to celebrate Bam's comeback than to edit all his new footage to the Rocky song?
America Haunts Tour Intro

video from
Bam's part in Elementality, a video by Element Skateboards.
Song 1 - Turbonegro - Sailor Man
Bam singing at 1:44 - Justin Timberlake - Cry Me a Riv...
Interview from Blogstar Studio by Andrew Hagstrom
Bates Motel near Philadelphia

Video is from
The ScareHouse in Pittsburgh

video from
13th Floor in Denver

Video from
Bam Margera as FuckFace Unstoppable
Finally Bam is back together with Element Skateboards re-releasing some of his old pro boards! I put together this little montage with some of his ...
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MTV's Jackass and its three successful spinoff movies made stars out of its cast o...
Wee Man Isn’t Happy About Bam Margera’s DUI


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Escargot de Luxe 2008 - Outdoor sculpture with smoker's seat & ashtrays. Commissioned by Mr. Ville Valo
credit to Stefan Lindfors http://www.stefan...
-Instagram: @angelreyessc

Falling Thru The Sky 3 - Sebastian Forslund

Credits to/

If you own the background...
Filmed at the concert from FUCKFACE UNSTOPPABLE in "Viper Room" in Vienna/Austria on 16.7.2014!
Tony Hawk and the stars of MTV's 'Jackass' race 3000 miles around the world from London to Los Angeles in just 8 days against 120 supercars in the ...
The PLUP Case
making of "Life and death"
PLUP Ltd, Finland, directed Stefan Lindfors
musc: HIM - The Kiss Of Dawn
credit to Stefan Lindfors http:...
credit to Joe Frantz
В первом эпизоде нового сезона сериала EPICLY LATER'D Бам Марджера рассказывает о борьбе с алкоголизмом, потере лучшего друга и причинах, почему он решил вновь заняться скейтбордингом.
Bam Margera, legendary pro skater and star of Jackass, struggles to overcome substance abuse and the loss of his best friend as he works to make a return to skateboarding.
В первом эпизоде нового сезона сериала EPICLY LATER'D Бам Марджера рассказывает о борьбе с алкоголизмом, потере лучшего друга и причинах, почему он решил вновь заняться скейтбордингом.
Jenky iPhone recording from Bam Margera's impromptu Q+A at the Epicly Later'd Premiere at House of Vans in Brooklyn, Sept 5 2017.
More from Bam in Vienna:

All my Friends are Dead -
Ice Cold Beer -
Moonshine - http://yout...

Twitter: ht...
Scenes from Haggard: The Movie Gary Responds To Your SKATELINE Comments Sour Soluti...