Cat eye
Гель лаки Royal серия Magnit Cat Eye оттенки 21-24
Гель лаки Royal серия Magnit Cat Eye оттенки 16-20
Гель лаки Royal серия Magnit Cat Eye оттенки 11-15
Гель лаки Royal серия Magnit Cat Eye оттенки 06-10
Гель лаки Royal серия Magnit Cat Eye оттенки 01-05
by Light Tuesday

by Hans Maschinengewehrschuetze
Made in Blender 2.7.7
Гель-лак Royal Cat Eye #2-7
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Милый, уютный #OFFER Restaurant приглашает сегодня вечером как следует встряхнуться на концерте Cross-Eyed Cats! Вот только попробуйте не придти!!!
Что-то есть, что-то есть в тебе такое,
А какое - не пойму...

Something You Got Baby, Дамы и Господа!!!
I increased the volume of the audios.

No copyright infringement intended.
I uploaded this for international fans of ASTRO.
credit: Fantagio Music

wow whoo actual astro trash :,,,,)))

not my original vid
cr) 문빈닷컴 [달빛소년]
Гель-лаки ROYAL MAGNIT CAT EYE 💕 оттенки #17-24. интернет-магазин WWW.D-NAILS.BY
Гель-лаки ROYAL MAGNIT CAT EYE 💕 оттенки #09-16. интернет-магазин WWW.D-NAILS.BY
Гель-лаки ROYAL MAGNIT CAT EYE 💕 оттенки #01-08. интернет-магазин WWW.D-NAILS.BY
Гель-лак Royal Cat Eye #32,37,38,44,45,61,68
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Гель-лак Royal Cat Eye #9,11,12,21,24,29
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Make up details -
Kat Von D - Everlasting Lipstick
1. shade - Muñeca
2. shade - Ophelia
3. shade - Ludwig
4. shade - Hawkwind
5. shade - Cru...
Hey Guys! This makeup tutorial is on this soft brown and rose gold smokey cat-eye! I love this eye look so much, it really reminds me of a Jessica ...

Страна: США, Нидерланды
Режиссер: Льюис Тиг
Возраст: 16+
IMDb: 6.20 (17 367)

Фильм объединяет в себе три новеллы — две из них из сборника «Ночная смена»: «Корпорация «Бросайте курить» и «Карниз». Третья — объединяющая новелла «Генерал» написана специально для фильма. Главным связующим звеном фильма является бездомный кот, пытающийся спасти маленькую девочку от неизвестной опасности.
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Альбом "ASTRO "

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****See my newest fun and playful vivid color HD video here - go to channel: VenusMommy or click
And, please visit Venus's Facebook Page at: This was a video made just to show that she is in fact real....not exciting but made more to show how sweet she is and that she is not photoshopped. 8.21.12

Produsele folosite pentru realizarea machiajului sunt:
Pentru TEN: fondul de ten lichid L'Oreal Acc...
Cats Eye stone benefits mostly useful on the Dasa or the malefic phase of Ketu,the headless body of the shadow planet ‘Rahu’. Cat’s eye Gemst...
Макияж в стиле cat's eye в черно-серебряных оттенках )
15 zjawiskowych kolorów linii hybryd The Garden of Colour z efektem kociego oka o magnetycznym zabarwieniu i właściwościach. Efekt kociego oka ...
The most iconic cat eye in history! I'm so inspired by Sophia Loren's beauty, I had to recreate her signature dramatic cat eye. Check out the links below for products I used!
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Twins Aqua @flashyandbroke

Products used:
Mac paint pot laying low
Dose of colors hidden treasures palette
Ingot 77 gel liner
Nyx cosmetics matte liquid liner
shophudabeauty lashes in sasha
benefit cosmetics brownings in 5
nyx cosmetics wonder pencil
benefit cosmetics gimme brow
nye glow
РОЗАЛИНД 3D Cat Eyes LED UV Soak-off Гель Лак УФ Ногтей Гелем Polish7ML UV ГЕЛЬ Для Ногтей Искусст ...
Here’s another treasure I have , This time it’s coming from a 16mm film which I have for a very long time. I found it 30 years ago in new Zealand.
I brought it to a professional studio to digitalize the clip. Big thanks to Jim Christopulos to encourage me!! Herman Permentier.
Mr Peter Hammill's reaction; Once again I've got no memory of doing this at all - so much for my brain cells@! And, once again, great work and I'm quite happy for you to put this out there

'Jim Ch
Colour Changing Cat Eye Gel Polish

Exclusive Brand:Elite99

Volume:10ml / e 0.33 fl oz

Suitable Lamp:UV/ LED Lamp

Certificate:MSDS, SGS, CE

Amazing cat's eye effect and colour changing with heat

At least 2-3 weeks high gloss wear

On like polish, wears like gel, off in minutes

No poisonous, pungent chemical materials used

Mirror finish. No nicks, chips or smudges

How To Use:

Step 1. Clean nails then trim nail surface as normal manicure process.


Today I’ll show you how to create this glam, cat eye holiday makeup look with vampy chocolate brown lips! Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

My LIMITED EDITION brush set with Sigma ‣

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группа в контакте
моя страница в контакте

Ticket officers at a train station in Pushkino showed off their secret weapon in catching fair dodgers: a tabby cat named Baron, Wednesday.

The cat first turned up at the train station about two months ago, and according to ticket controller Tamara Kuznetsova, started working there almost immediately. She said that when he first appeared “he got on the turnstiles right away” and it wasn’t long before they “let him in the controllers’ room because he was cold, and started feeding him up, so he stayed after
Купить топ -
So I was Watching a livestream the other day and this happened...

"WARNING" Extremely Graphic!

The girl who was streaming is called "Sarakate"

Hello! Here is Matte Leopard Print Cats Eye Nail Art Tutorial for you! Hope you enjoy this nail art tutorial!
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Flormar nail enamel matte M02
Flormar matifying top-coat
Pastel Nude cream 753
Acrylic paints OUmaxi
Dotting tool
Base coat Orly Bonder

Base One Cat Eye - обучающее видео с наглядной демонстрацией прелести использования продукции Silcare.
My 3-d video of applying a makeup on a client (miss Melody, Puerto Rico, 2016): dark skin, bright makeup, cat eye! Express yourself!

Edited by Josteame Studios (youtube: Josteame)
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Привет, крас ...

Hello loves :) first off, Thank you SO MUCH for subscribing | | to my channel! I love you all so dearly :) Here is an eas...
Products Used in Order
♥ Primer Soft Ochre Mac Cosmetics
♥ Individual Eye Shadow Caramel Motives Cosmetics -
♥ Individ...

Featuring drone footage by Eric Gonzalez (more from him to come!)

'Chameleon Queen' is the ...
by Vlad Stepanov
Base One Cat Eye to jedyne w swoim rodzaju żele UV o magnetycznym zabarwieniu i właściwościach. Paznokcie z efektem kociego oka pięknie się m...
Todays video is a Chit Chat CCGRWM trying a new Morphe palette I got and bright pink lips! I hope you enjoy watching it xx
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It's taken me all year to get around to this video! This was my favourite new model of the 2015 line-up, and it actually proved popular enough to s...
Show Champion EP.207 ASTRO - Cat's Eye, Polaris
Гель-лаки Royal серия Magnit Cat Eye палитра оттенков
Заказы принимаем в интернет-магазине
Новые оттенки – яркие золотые, бирюзовые, красные, зеленые полосы, нюдовые и таупы, глубокие переливы, новые сочетания цветов, сверхчувствительный к воздействию магнита пигмент – все это кошачий глаз новой формулы от MASURA.

할로윈 데이가 다가와서 어떤걸 할까 하다가
이것저것 할 수 있게 재료를 사왔는데

우선 가볍게 누구나 따라할 수 있는
오드아이 고양이와 전염된 고양이를 데려왔어요

너무 무서우면 친구들이 싫어하니깐
가볍게 할 수 있는 할로윈 메이크업인것 같아요

좀비 메이
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I've always wanted to do a look inspired by beautiful Summer sunsets. The beautiful, vivid hues of yellows and oranges, pinks and dark purples helped me create this bright, intense and extreme look. It's for all you color daredevils out there! I hope you enjoy!


Makeup Geek Products A
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В макияже использовались:
Тон INGLOT cream foundation, YSM 41
Пудра CARON прозрачная
Кремовые тени MAYBELLINE color tattoo, 91 creme de rose
Палетка теней LORAC mega pro 2
Подводка самодельная
Тушь GOSH boombastic swirl volume SSL
Помада NYX soft matte lip cream, Buenos Aires
Помада L'Oreal gold obsession, color riche nude gold
Komilfo Cats Eye гель лаки кошачий глаз от Комильфо
Цена 115 грн/8мл
Яркий макияж с растушеванными стрелками и ярко розовые губы. Если вы не знаете с чего начать краситься то посмотрите видео основы макияжа.
Косметика Make-up Atelier
тени палетка Т02 - цвета 1,2,5
тени палетка Т 20- цвета 2,4
сухая подводка Make-up Atelier TE10
карандаш для губ miss tais
помада палетка 17

Материалы для главной заставки были любезно и безвозмездно предосталены талантливым дизайнером Владимиром Меняйло. Его работы можно найти здесь:

Мой канал:http://ww

I posted a pic of this look on my instagram and so many of you requested a tutorial. Well... here is a tutorial and a giveaway all in one video. Thanks to EyelashesUnlimited for hosting this giveaway. Check them out on Instagram @EyelashesUnlimited


Blog post with give
Всем привет!

Недавно я решила сделать видео на русском о том как делать корейский макияж, в частности, кошачьи стрелочки. И вот он окончательный результат моих трудов!

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An alley cat race in Auckland, New Zealand. Rainier Schaefer took first place with over a minute to spare.
The Stray Cats perform "Baby Blue Eyes" live as the musical guest on the cult classic comedy show Fridays. You can buy The Best Of Fridays at:

For the first time ever on DVD, ABC's cult hit Fridays is here! Originally airing from 1980 to 1982, these sixteen episodes showcase the edgy and subversive sketch comedy that helped launch the careers of Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Michael Richards (Seinfeld), Melanie Chartoff (Parker Lewis Can't Lose) and more.


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Hello my boobalas!! Since I only got 1 video up last week - this week I wanted to get up 3 for you guys!!! I think this look is perfect fo
Рисую кошачий глаз. КРАСИВО И БЫСТРО!
Смотрите видео, наслаждайтесь процессом, и ПОДПИСЫВАЙТЕСЬ!!!
Need some peace and quiet but have a playful cat or kitten to contend with? Fear no more - Relax My Cat are here to help! This two hour playlist for cats features soft keyboards, bell sounds, harps and choir voices for pure kitty relaxation!

#catmusic #musicforcats #keyboards #music #originalmusic #newmusic #cats #kitten #harp

Relax My Cat are experts in creating relaxing music to help calm your cat and help them sleep. Our music is composed in-house by our team of producers, and uses binaural technology The cat eye is a dramatic but classic makeup look that never goes out of style. Avon Global Celebrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen shows you how to create your own cat eye look with just a few easy-to-use products.

Start off by applying some pressed powder to the lids in order to mattify the skin. This will keep the eyeliner from moving around once it’s applied. Lauren recommends visualizing where you’re going to draw your line before applying liquid eyeliner. Follow the arc of you
макияж CAT EYES, надеюсь такой вариант макияжа вам понравится как и мне))) Такой макияж отлично подойдет как на каждый день на учебу или работу, так и на вечерний ужин. Спасибо за просмотр))) не забывайте подписываться на новые видео )))

ссылка на обзор теней
AOA 2nd Mini Album「사뿐사뿐(Like a Cat)」
AOA - 사뿐사뿐 (Like a Cat) 안무영상(Dance Practice) Eye Contact ver.

Hi, guys! Today my best friend Lilia was
transformed into a cat! What do you think about such kind of makeup?

Brushes: @morphebrushes
Foundation: @elfcosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation in Caramel and in Porcelain + Lambre Matting Foundation in # 3
Powder: @morphebrushes 06F Pressed Powder Palette
Shadows: @morphebrushes 35W Palette + 35B Palette
Brows: @morhebrushes brow8 - brow palette
Mascara: @maybelline colossal volum' express mascara
Lipstick: @maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Iced
Вязание спицами. Узор "Кошачий глаз". Knitting. Pattern "Cat's Eye".
Подписывайтесь на мой канал (Subscribe to my channel):
В этом уроке: "Вязание спицами. Узор "Кошачий глаз". Knitting. Pattern "Cat's Eye", мы свяжем ажурный узор, который называется "Кошачий глаз". Раппорт ажурного узора Кошачий глаз 3 ряда в высоту. Для образца ажурного узора Кошачий глаз набираем количество петель кратное 4, плюс 4 петли для симметрии и 2 кромочные петли. Ажурный узор Коша

В макияже использую:
База под тени Avon
Палетка теней Sephora Color Festival
Подводка для глаз NYX Gel Liner
Карандаш для глаз Maybelline expression Kajal
Накладные ресницы Andrea strip lashes 62 black
Тушь для ресниц Maybelline Lash sensational

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This two-toned Peachy Pink & Gold eyeshadow is perfect for the upcoming Spring season. But as we aren't quite out of Winter just yet, I thought I'd combine Spring colours with a diffused smokey wing. I hope you love it as much as do!

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Cool Pinks with Black Liner:

Glam Vale
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The Feline Flick - Cat Eye Make-up Tutorial | Charlotte Tilbury | @CTilburyMakeup
The feline eye has become one of my signature make-up looks over the past two decades. Not only have I made it synonymous with the likes of Kate Moss, but it's a look I wear every single day.

The purpose of a feline eye is to use eyeliner to elongate the eye, like a cat's. In doing so, you add intensity, and the effect of an instant eye lift -- and who wouldn't want that?!

So ma
Have you seen my most recent video? Edgy Flapper Girl Makeup Tutorial »

Want to know how to create this seductive, monotone cat eye makeup look? Go ahead and keep on watching! Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

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Drawing a realistic cat eye with colored pencil!
Hello guys! Time for another eye study haha. I felt like drawing a beautiful blue cat eye in my St...

Начало / Beginning:

Сайт мастеров:
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Продолжение / Continued:

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Сайт ...
2016 Новый Cat Eye Солнцезащитные Очки Женщины Старинные Моды Розовое Золото Зеркало...
Per ogni domanda lasciatemi un commento qui sotto :)!


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Универсальные топы, которые приобразят любой цвет гелевого лака.
Produtos usados
♥ Rose Gold Elixir Farsáli -
♥ Base Born This Way Too Faced -
♥ Contorno Is a Gi...
How to create a winged eyeliner using gel eyeliner

Hello lovelies! Per request here is a tutorial on how to create the perfect cat eye using gel l...

LUNDENILONA авторская космецевтика класса Premium.
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Макияж Кошачий глаз в карандашной технике | Cat's eye in pencil tech
Урок макияжа.


LUNDENILONA авторская космецевтика класса Premium.
Более 4000 отзывов, информация о доставке, спецпредложения и описание продукции на сайте

Hi loves ☺ I hope you enjoy the video. I love the Pink Mauve shades and I feel like...
How to draw a realistic cat eye.
Hey everyone! Here's a new "How to" video, about drawing a Cat Eye. I really hope this is useful in some way. Ple...

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton revealed a bit of her comic side at the swearing in ceremony for her Assistant Secretary of Public Affair...
Instagram: emmacervin
Hey guys! Two days ago we celebrated midsummer here in Sweden, and I decided to film a GRWM video of the makeup look I did. I...
Cat eye cut crease makeup tutorial!
- MAC Blanc Type
- Anastasia 'Noir'
- Too Faced 'Mocha'
- Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette
- St...
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Код на скидку 10% на сайте - EKAX3...
Here is how to do a smokey cat eye!


Help me translate this video into your language! Thank you for your help! htt...
Hey Lovelies! Another one brand video for you, this time using ModelCo! I felt like creating an Arabic-inspired eye look, combining bold cat-eye li...
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Products Used in Order
♥ Photo Finish Foundation Primer Smashbox -
♥ X-Rated Mascara - Smashbox -

Ждём Вас 18/02 в Баре Пятак
28.01.2017, Fresh Metal [Studio Edition] Vol. 1
Tips and tricks on how to lift droopy, "sad" eyes! Also great for mature and hooded eyes!

Click here for all the products I am using in this video...
Nozomi Entertainment presents: Cat's Eye Seasons 1 & 2!

Find out more about Nozomi Entertainment's release of Cat's Eye at

Click to check out Avon:

PROMO: Use code LIPPIE to get a Free Poppy Pink Indulge lipstick with any $30 purchase

The Avon Bl...
This Cat Has Huge Eyes.
Bronze Smokey Eye!

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Quite Interesting - Cat's Eyes Стивен Фрай Stephen Fry
Alan Davies Алан Дейвис Jo Brand, Rich Hall, Sean Lock
QI / КьюАй /...
Instagram: emmacervin

Hey guys! Today I finally managed to film a tutorial on how to get the perfect winged eyeliner. This is by far my most reque...

GPHG 2016 - Girard-Perregaux - Cat's Eye Tourbillon with Gold Bridge
Вступай в группу Ужасы - "Ваш Ночной Кошмар"

Фильм, который собрал в себе три новеллы. Две новеллы были взяты из сборника «Ночная смена» – это «Бросайте курить» и «Карниз», а третья была объединяющей новеллой «Генерал», которая была написана специально для этого фильма. Кот, который выступал свидетелем происшествий, и он же главный герой, был связующим звеном фильма. А жанры у этих историй разные, начиная «черным» юмором, через сказку и доходя до ужастика. Если объединить все вместе, то получается рассказ в стиле сказки, только с ужастиком, дети их любят рассказывать друг другу ночью, про кота, который пытается спасти девочку от опасностей, которые могут ее настигнуть…
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Easy nail art design tutorial! Today i will show how to make easy nail art designs by wet on wet technique.
I hope you like it!

Step by Step Tuto...
Introducing Burberry Cat Lashes, the eye-opening volume mascara. Powerful and captivating, lashes are extended, beautifully styled and fanned-out.
For those that want a thinner line, just do the same but thinner! ;)

Sam Twitter: Pixiwoos
Sam instagram: Pixiwoos

Beauty UK Brow Palette
Кошачий четверг встречайте с самой кошачей стрелкой :) Подробный урок макияжа с ...

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And see my newest fun and playful vivid color video here ...

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The Horrors' Faris Badwan and Rachel Zeffira on gatecrashing The Vatican and Buckingham Palace, the merits of late-night music sessions and the mak...