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12 тыс. отметок «Нравится», 244 комментариев — Huck (@kylefinndempsey) в Instagram: «A rainy day in a cabin is one of the coziest experiences you c...
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“my life in 15 seconds. watching this made me tear up. this is one year. bring on the next. CHASE INSPIRATION AT ALL COSTS!”
“I am sureThis sunny smiling man will do you mad better! ☺😄😄😀 This song become one of my favourite! :) Just watch it in the morning and you wake up 😊…”
“Hey. Go to my Facebook page to watch the full video. This Paloma Faith song is written by one of the best songwriters of all time Diane Warren ! Wish she…”
“This one's for you @acrorise! Bryan, watch those toes, they tend to creep up towards those 'private parts' on the flyer. Thanks @filchyboy for showing us…”
“One of the first studio sessions working on this song #underytan.. Dont forget to watch the show tonight at 8pm. Thanks #svenskahjältargalan for shedding…”
“If you feel the need to say OMG numerous times whilst watching this video you’re not the only one! This ridiculously cute #koala is Imogen and she’s one…”
“This video is killing me.... im watching many versions of this beautiful moment so im gonna try to post the new ones (from youtube) tomorrow... 😊 #Home…”
“There’s already a sequel to #TheMartian coming out, and this one stars @KimKardashian West. Watch the whole trailer on ellentube! (Link in bio)”
watch this closely... take a good look at the house... promise yourself you will never ROB that one
“I watched this movie like over thousand times😭 and I still love every single part of it😍
Who of you have seen the film?”
“last one of last night #JamesBay (IF I film I never watch what I'm filming_ this is the result..) | #BestFakeSmile #paradiso 23.6.2015”
“Watching this video from #Atlantis Sydney is giving me goosebumps again! One of the best nights of my life!! P.s. sorry about the crappy video skills :)…”
“Do you love our new @honest commercial as much as I do?? Really excited about this one - watch and clean with us #cleanlikeafamily #cleanresponsibly…”
“travelled up the country and back to watch this talented bunch. One of them totez fancied me I trecon... ;)”
Back when I was a little kid, I used to go to a site called Newgrounds a lot. It was back in 2004 that I discovered a Flash called "There she is!!". It was great, I loved it.

Though, I stopped going to the site, and I never knew that the author (SamBakZa), uploaded 4 more parts to it. Part 2 in 2005, and parts 3, 4 and 5 in 2008.

I just recently found out about them, and I love the series they made. It may be old, it may be childish, and it may even be too "lovey dovey" for you, but it ha
My puppy is not allowed in one of the rooms in my house. This is where he sits to watch me every time I go into that room.

One for the books! This is the moment where my mama and I went to watch #LeGrandBain at #CannesFilmFestival . Thank you so much to [club113177438|@lorealmakeup] for arranging this and to @nutsum for the video, @pattaratofficial for this beautiful Thai silk dress and @sarranofficial for the Thai styled accessories. NOTE to self: back straight! Don’t be shy. Always listen to mama 😚

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Congratulations to [club170546464|@ObliviousHD] for thrilling us with The Last Guest! This is one video we’ll be watching over and over. #BloxyAwards
Rack em up ,If you watch this 100 times you'll still laugh!! Four , Look She got a hole in one!!!! Also one of the the world greatest Dog Farts Ever caught on film. Its Super Britney the worlds funniest talking weimaraner Dog.

The best video ever seen ...Motivation life Style


This one's worth watching to the end. Group of big tough 4WDers save a cat stuck in a coil spring!
Jessica Feijó Denise Feijó

so thats how you de-cat a motor

kkkkkkkk Olha aonde o gato foi se enfiar Melissa Duarte

Arun Jose Ozhukayil Ananthakrishnan Prakash Abhiram Nair

kkkkkkkkkk olha isso Wesley Schnadelbach Torres
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ju on the grudge juon the grudge grugde pewdiepie part 1 scary moments trailer prank walkthrough lets play let play walk through play through playthrough funny facecam webcam screaming scary creepy wierd

Watch real-life Tom and Jerry battle as cat stalks mouse - but this one doesn't have happy ending
The video shows a mouse hiding in the rim of tyre as the cat hunts its prey
This unique footage shows a real life Tom and Jerry battle.
The real-life Tom and Jerry! Mouse manages to evade hungry (but dim) cat with its not-so-cunning hiding place... but will it manage to escape?
Feline circles car with its nose to ground and attempts to locate mouse
Rodent disguises itself in the open against the similar colour
*The video was blocked, so I repost. Sorry*
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I have had this GLC for two weeks and I wanted to give you my personal opinion on it. I have been driving Mercedes cars for 16 years and I feel that I can give a good honest opinion on them. These Mercedes cars I don't own. I didn't get paid for doing it. It's something for fun and I loved doing it. There is a misprint on the video the car is a 2.1 cc. I also forgot to say on the video that the tyres are run flats.
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Guitar Virtuoso Muriel Anderson Live in Dowers Grove, IL (November 29, 2008)
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So awfully British we know.
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The Prodigy VS Max Farenthide & DJ Hubertuse VS Noisia - Smack My Bitch Up (DJ A-One Mash-Up)
Major Lazer - Watch Out For This (DJ A-One Remix)


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Extreme High Quality Smooth Slow Motion Retime in HD.

What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?

This video was produced by Rob Crain.

The song is "Dream of Dreams" from the album "Piano and Violin Duet" by Brian Crain.

Image courtesy of the Image Science Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center

These images were shot with a Nikon D3S with 17-35mm F2.8 and 14-24mm F2.8 lenses
Epic Harlem Shake Videos
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In addition to "An Inconvenient Truth" Have you ever thought about it?
Pehla Nasha Remix from the movie JO JEETHA WAHI SIKANDAR.
One of the most loved most romantic most beautiful song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Those who love bollywood or Who love Amir Khan must watch this.

Dedicated to the girl i hope i will find and fall in love with someday...<3
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Have you ever wondered how bass players such as Janek Gwizdala, John Patitucci and Matt Garrison seem to be able to play bass lines and solos up and down the fingerboard seamlessly?
+[HD STREAM]+ Watch One Direction: This Is Us Full Movie in High Quality 720p, click the link and follow the instructions to make your free account ..Available to stream or watch on your PS3, Wii, Xbox, PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet and more..

Initial release: August 20, 2013
Director: Morgan Spurlock
Running time: 106 minutes
MPAA rating: PG
Cast: Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne

this movie is amazing !! it was made for the fans like
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I’m no one special, but you might want to watch this short video I made... You don’t realize they teach you that the core of the earth is hotter than the surface of the sun? (at 2:15 mark)

we’ve never stopped to reflect on the hypnosis they put us under...
The Most Touching movie, real story, No One Can Watching This Video Without Crying, best Movie! The best movie on a true story!
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No One Can Watching This Video Without Crying | RESPECT
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WATCH THIS ONE @coloredinks Gives Mads a rare beer as a gift which he got in the end! and HE CANT TALK ABOUT S4 BECAUSE ITS NOT OFF THE TABLE
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Mads Skiffard fik søndag d. 2/3-2015 samlet sin Malossi C-ONE motorblok af Morten Jensen.

De to venner har længe arbejdet sammen med mange fors...

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