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BrahMos missiles to become lighter, better: DRDO scientist

CHENNAI: India will develop next-generation BrahMos missiles, which will be lighter tha...

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The advert that Chance The Rapper said was 'racist'.
What do you think?
This Heineken light beer commercial is definitely racist. What idiots do they have approving this ad? Fire that person. And the ad agency who developed it should be fired. Period. No excuse for this. I watched the ad. It's racist.

Nice Lighter @coub
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by MD
Batman vs Lighter @starzevmihail @coub
Lancel Roller - France
Deniel's Lighter - France ca. 1934
EWEOL - Germany 1921
Dunhill Auto Rollalite - ca 1950
Imperia - Table Lighter - Germany
Неделю терплю, думал, что справлюсь, но нет. Бомбануло. Речь про новость "Heineken удалила рекламный ролик из-за обвинений в расизме". Всего к ролике две претензии.

Начну с второстепенной. В конце ролика появляется надпись "Sometimes lighter is better", которую можно двояко трактовать. Или "Иногда легче — лучше", или "Иногда светлее — лучше". Ну а раз светло лучше, то это расизм конечно же, ага.

А главная претензия — в содержании. Бутылка пива от БЕЛОГО бармена проезжает мимо черножопых яко слаломист, пока не попадает в руки к БЕЛОЙ даме. И всё, это ваще-ваще расизм.

Только вот эти пидоры толерантные, затравившие компанию, не видят в силу скудоумия того, что лежит на поверхности: бармен какой-то метис латиноамериканский, а "белая" дама — гучка! Шах и мат, хуеглоты.
lighter @coub
by Den Glazunov

83k Likes, 540 Comments - Sunny Leone (@sunnyleone) on Instagram: “Haha the box wouldn't move it was so heavy!! Need a lighter one next time @lian_...
19.5k Likes, 457 Comments - Josh Brolin (@joshbrolin) on Instagram: “One rep, max weight, 257kg plates. It’s really about this kind of lifting that...
Kaschie K38 - Germany ca. 1938
Rowenta F 4504 - Germany from 1948
Gnome - Müller & Grünstein - Germany
IMCO 3000 - Austria 1930
Thorens Single Claw with Screw on the bottom - Swiss ca. 1930
Favorit - Ferdinand Wagner - Germany ca. 1949
BEN-HUR - France - Gaston Gaubert - 1931
19th International Lighter Convention - Krefeld/Germany - 5th May 2018
Mylflam Baby B47 - Germany from 1938
Dunhill Combo - ca. 1929
Dubsky Standard - Austria - ca. 1913
Electro lighter - France ca. 1946
Saint Catfish of Cooley gives us life advice we should all heed.
Check out his Channel
Kaschie K16 Table - Germany 1931
IMCO 2300 lighter - Austria - ca. 1931
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Dunhill Broadboy - UK 40s
Lancel Sport Lighter
This is the acoustic live for my song "Nothing Holding Us" from the album "New Day"

JACK ...

TRACK: Lantte x High 'N' Rich - Take It
GIRLS: Tori Black, Aidra Fox
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Pino OWL - Austria end of 30s
Notes lighter probably manufactured in Germany. The year is unkown
Thorens Companion - Swiss ca. 1949
Heineken faces accusations of racism after running an ad that features a beer bottle sliding past three black people before stopping in front of a ...
Genre: #Metalcore
MOSDA Kickstart - UK 1931
Meisterzünder - Kellermann - Germany 1937
Watch Me -
Vinyl, 12", Single Sided, Limited Edition, 45 RPM, Stickered
2001 - Original Pres...

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Desaurmeux Table Lighter - France ca. 1932
Justus Bendit - Germany 1921
Lancel Royal - France ca. 1937
Record from Dubsky lighter - Austria ca. 1910
Stambul - Müller & Grünsteil - Germany 1930
Dunhil Pipe with Tamper - England from ca. 1930
Homemade DIY Lighters RC TANK Super Small

Thanks for watching, Have a great day !
Please watch: "DIY Black Panther Claws v.1 (METAL) - How To Make" --~--
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Silver Enamel Imperator - Probably Germany 1910
More info:

The blues-rock trio (normally a duo) performs "Feather Lighter" during a ...
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Свободный от слежки за вами телеграм-канал
All of our favourite animation couples in one video!
It took a while to edit I hope u will all take some time to watch it and leave a com...
Directed & edited by LONEWOLF
Music video by Bad Meets Evil performing Lighters. © 2011 Shady Records/Interscope Records
Igor Pasternak, the C.E.O and chief engineer of Worldwide Aeros, is fulfilling his lifelong dream of creating aircrafts that are lighter than air.
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Jumping spiders feeding in 4K slow motion is what we are filming . We wanted to share some of these outtakes and clips with our viewers (everyone h...
Сегодня я покажу вам, как изготовить бензиновую зажигалку своими руками. Для этого нам понадобится: не дорогая китайская зажигалка, латунные трубки...
Artist Websites: Dominik A. Hecker

▸ YouTube:
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From 1998 Album: "Twenty-Two: P.A. World Wide"...[Artist info below].....

Get DJ DMD's Music:
DOES (ドーズ Dōzu) is a three-piece Japanese rock band. DOES was formed in 2000 in the Fukuoka prefecture, where they continued to write songs and per...

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In this video I show how I made a mini Jacob's Ladder from an Arc Lighter, and conduct some experiments to answer a viewer question about if a coil...
Most of my lighters including Cartier, ST Dupont, Dunhill, and Zippo. Bonus lighter at the end.
After building the world's biggest lighter (named Alan) of course we had to put it to the test to see if it's also the best. In this series of test...
How to remove the cork from a wine bottle using only a Lighter. Usefull life hack if you haven't got a cork screw. I tis also really cool party tri...

Anthony "Money Moons" Mooney
Instagram @MoneyMoons
Twitter @Money_Moons

Morton Lighter - USA - Prob. 30s
Please watch: "DIY Black Panther Claws v.1 (METAL) - How To Make" --~--
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Сегодня я сделаю прозрачную бензиновую зажигалку из стекла!
В качестве материалов использовал дюралюминий, бронзу, латунь и титан. Стеклянная ем...
Друзья всем привет! В этом сюжете я продемонстрирую очень полезную и интересную самоделку - плазменную (без топливную зажигалку). В СТИЛЕ СТИМПАНК....

Как сделать СЕРЕБРЯНУЮ ЗАЖИГАЛКУ? Custom silver lighter

Друзья! Как вам идея видео? Зашла или нет?
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Please watch: "DIY Black Panther Claws v.1 (METAL) - How To Make" --~--
Here's the Econ Fagaras Pistol...
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Credits: https...
Here is a close up look at a vintage WWII era Zippo lighter.
The light is in near mint condition and includes the original box and directions.
Comet - Paul Weinberg Zossen - Germany 1931
KW 700 - Germany ca 1935
Original Imperator lighter - Russbacher - Austria - ca. 1920
In this video I demonstrate how to decorate a Zippo lighter using a paracord wrap. The wrap is based on turk's head knots.

How to tie a 9L8B turk'...

Hello! in this video I will show the process of creating table lighter, in the first part we will create a body (fuel tank) and make some details s...
Hello! In this video, we continue to create a table lighter, soldering and joining all parts will be done.
And for those who for the first time on ...
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Это Фото не просто это фото золотое посмотри ты на него и увидешь в нём его он не молод и не стар он Мс из Стаи Псов, Он Ге...
Crufts 2014 is nearly upon us and to celebrate here's a fun look at the lighter side of the event.

Connect with Crufts online:

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Lighter steampunk . Made of brass, copper, bronze, To fill with regular lighter fluid. Designed and made by me.
Reupload from my TranceDivine channel
Record Label :Unearthed
Dubai footage
My BF Reacts To My Lighter Shorter Hair
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Previous Vlog:

Multistreaming with
L Double (The Dubster) - Lighter Shades Of Dark (Mix 1)
Quality late 93' Hardcore track from L Double released under 'The Dubster' alias. Big Micke...
This is original choreography and performance by Ataca Jorgie (Jorge Burgos) y La Alemana (Tanja Kensinger) Videographer - S_54
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Suzuki Swift Sport review:

It seems as though every new car that ...

Это первая плазменная зажигалка опубликованная на Ютубе.
Всего четыре детали и в руках дуга,поджигающая дерево,бумагу
и т.д. Относительно безопа...
TRACKS: Steve Forest Vs Chriss Ortega Feat Marcus Pearson - Modern Times Chriss Ortega Mix; NatNoiz - Straight To The Brain
GIRLS: Andy San Dimas, ...
Snoop Lion's official music video for 'Lighters Up' ft. Mavado & Popcaan. Click to listen to Snoop Lion on Spotify:

Bulli Imperator Lighter - Austria 191x
”CRCK/LCKS"(クラックラックス)が2nd EP より
第二弾MV「Get Lighter」を公開!

作詞:小田朋美 小西遼


See how curiosity leads to new ways of staying safer and more efficient on a run, on a bike and on a d...
Lighters (Bad Meets Evil song with Royce da 5'9")
live at Pukkelpop in Belgium
15th August 2013

Go to the playlist for the full set.
Видео с канала "Kulibin TV", размещено 03.04.2018 10:20
If you found a forgotten Zippo lighter in your new apartment, would you keep it or try to find the owner?
In this video you will see the whole creation process of the skull steampunk lighter.
This is exclusive version, made of , bronze and brass.

В эт...

S.T. Dupont Lighter Complex Chinese Lacquer Manufacturing
Групповой стант женский юниоры, Lighters
Lancel Gazel - France
Чир команда женская юниоры, Lighters, клуб Lighters. Санкт-Петербург
Групповой стант женский юниоры, Lighters
Сделана из латуни и меди, обьем по вате 2 зиппо ) Made of brass , copper, designed and made by my. SALE
Привет.сегодня сделаем и как раз проверим как работает самая удивительная конструкция стреляющей зажигалки агента 007.Пришлось приложить максимум с...
http://KEXP.ORG presents Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 performing "Bad Man Lighter" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded October 3, 2017.

Host: Darek Mazzone
Official Facebook:

Køb på iTunes:
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Top 10 Most Expensive Lighters in the World :

10. Dunhill Gold Apex
9. 1933 Zippo
8. Cartier Watch Lighter
7. Faberge Jeweled and White Enameled ...
Asprey lighter - England ca. 1956
Top Gear - James May attempts to ignite a SS-18 Satan nuclear missle with a lighter @coub